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New York International Gift Fair - New York City, New York (1/28/12 - 2/2/12)

Five companies were presented with Baby & Child Best New Product Awards at the recent NY International Gift Fair. The Wonder Forge™ received the “Blogger’s Best” distinction for its Angelina Ballerina Dance With Me interactive game. In addition to the “Blogger’s Best” award, Baby & Child Best New Product Awards winners are recognized semi-annually for excellence in four categories: Toy, Décor, Gear and Apparel. Baby & Child at NYIGF featured 125 companies offering a wide range of products for children 0-10 years. Here are some that especially caught the attention of The Giggle Guide®: Spots and Ladybugs, Tutu Couture, Wee Urban, and Auggie Home Collection.

Amanda Boyd, the designer for Adore La Vie was born and raised in Iowa. Amanda knew since the age of five that she wanted to be a fashion designer, remained true to her childhood dream and achieved a degree in Apparel Design with a minor in Creative Design, from both Iowa State University and London College of Fashion. In 2008, Amanda decided to pursue her big dream of launching her own design company, Adore La Vie, which means “love life.” From the designer with a Midwest soul and West Coast spirit, Amanda showcases this vibe through every collection she creates

I love nothing better than a procedural television show. Whether it’s a real-life murder mystery on Dateline or a fictional CSI case, I like trying to solve a whodunit. In everyday life, I also enjoy making connections between things I hear and see through conversations and observations — putting together the pieces of the puzzle to get a full picture. So it’s no wonder that one bit of wisdom I heard recently jumped out at me. During a speech, an apparel executive said, “Whether you’re a retailer or a wholesaler, your job is to find the balance between listening to and leading your customer.”


If you’ve ever experienced that let down that comes from seeing someone sporting the same fashion as you, you’re not alone. Thousands of adults feel that way, and not only do they want something different for themselves, but they also want it for their children. And when parents begin voting with their wallets, you can bet that there will be creative, edgy designers such as Ann Loren ready to supply their eager demands. Ann Loren by JESS KIDZ is the purveyor of unique delights: original children’s boutique designs in durable, moveable fabrics created in tightly-limited runs of no more than a few months.

What’s not to love about birthday parties? There are the presents, the cake, the happy guests, the fun atmosphere. Everyone has a birthday, but no one enjoys it more than a child. With somewhere between 10 and 50 children at a party (and sometimes even more!), the pressure is on to keep them all happy, well fed, and interested. Most of these children have already attended dozens of parties, so families are looking for ways to create a unique birthday party experience. This unique experience can be achieved with products from party-hardy companies, including Attitude Pie, Party Partners, and It’s My Party.

Cookies are awesome. We can all agree on this, right? While we all might have different favorites, we can also all agree that if someone was going around stealing said cookies, we’d be upset. We certainly would want to go on the hunt to find the thief if he or she found our cookies’ secret spot. This is the predicament Thomas finds himself in while visiting his grandmother in the charmingly simple book The Cookie Thief by Frances Gilbert. When he visits Granny, he’s anxiously anticipating her delicious cookies when he hears a patter, a swoop and a rush. Oh no! The cookies have disappeared right before their eyes.

No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc.
Republic of Pigtails, LLC

“Creativity” is a buzz word that is tossed around quite a bit. Creativity, or the ability to “think outside the box,” is vital in every aspect of life. Specialists agree that creativity is something that can be taught, but it does require some work. Children need to be able to see past what is traditional or accepted, but they can’t do it without practice, and some good examples might help in developing a more innovative mind. One company that has ingenuity on its mind is Chooze, the maker of a line of highly imaginative footwear that breaks the mold when it comes to cutting-edge design.

You may have seen the movie “Patch Adams.” It’s about a real-life doctor who has an unusual approach to healing: he uses laughter as a therapy. While laughter may not be able to heal all wounds, it certainly can be the best medicine. Laughter has an enormous and proven impact on the human body and quality of life. Young and old alike can take advantage of the powerful medicine that comes from a good belly laugh by checking out the gentle humor provided by Me Giant products.

For decades, mompreneurs have been a creative force behind product innovations in the children’s market. Not content to make do with what the retail world offers, moms often come up with ideas to solve common childcare problems. The Giggle Guide® editors heard about a mompreneur that we’re pretty sure has no equal, and yet is relatable to the “everymom.” Robyn Pellei is the mother of 10 children, ages newborn to 12, the most recent born last December. This former nurse is now a home school educator and teaches all of her children at home. And in her spare time, she is the CEO of ViveVita.

HALO® Innovations
Satsuma Designs

“At the core of every young man is the desire to save the day and love to the fullest,” says Tori Young, founder and president of Warrior Poet Clothier and the father of two boys. That’s one thing he knows for sure. The Warrior Poet Clothier crusade is “Building Armor with a Flare for the Next Generation of Men.” History shows us many examples of the Warrior Poet. From the chivalrous knight, to the intrigue of the samurai, we are drawn to this gifted individual.