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Sometimes it’s the simplest, most basic toys that bring the most fun and delight. With all the electronic games and battery-operated gadgets available today, a kid sometimes finds it nice to reach for a toy that can be appreciated for its cuddle factor alone. Piggy Wiggies — soft, cute pig-themed collectible toys — definitely fill that need. Piggy Wiggies are available as full-sized toys or mini key chains. The impulse-buy appeal comes from the whimsical, folk-art-inspired designs; each pig has its own unique appearance, with soft fabric ears and “nostrils” made of painted wooden craft flowers.

Gifts that spark an intellectual response and curiosity from a child may have more long-term play value than other less creative choices. In today’s eco-conscious climate, many parents look for innovative ways to bolster kids’ natural curiosity and inspire them to think about others and the environment around them. It was this desire that led Phoebe Hayman to create Seedling, a company that creates kits which encourage kids to use their imaginations and explore the world… naturally!

Parents want their children to succeed, and many believe that a good start includes high-quality early learning experiences. Long before children enter school they can develop foundational skills for reading, language, and mathematics. Companies that produce educational toys have seen a boom in sales. There’s a good amount of educational merchandise for kids, and companies have to compete for the attention of discerning, parents who are looking for appropriate toys, games and learning systems for their young children. The Teach My brand is distinguished as an innovator in early education.

ABC Spring Educational Conference & Trade Show
KIDShow - Specialty Trade Shows

Even in nature, youngsters love soft, cozy places. From baby birds in nests to little mice in beds of grass and weeds, moms lovingly construct comfortable places for their little ones to thrive. Human moms of course take this instinct a bit further and add all the fun decorative flourishes that take room design from the bare basics to fashionable and stimulating. Roman, Inc., Stephen Joseph, Douglas, and Maison Chic are all companies that help families stay in style with high-quality room décor, school gear, toys, accessories and more.

GrandCamp Adventures is the embodiment of all things golden about the grandchild/grandparent relationship. Company creators Patricia Babuka and Scott Schaefer recognized the valuable role their grandparents played and set out to honor it. Launched in 2010, GrandCamp Adventures became more than just a company: it became a trusted resource that provides fun, educational, and family-honoring materials.

Lina Bean products offer fashionable baby accessories from bibs and burp clothes to changing pads and Crayon rolls. What makes this collection so unique? First of all, the products are as cute and clever as the brand name sounds. Owner Caroline Kurz Ritter was first nicknamed ‘Lina Bean because ‘Lina was short for Caroline, and she was a like a string bean as a child. The name seemed to fit, and her family still refers to her as ‘Lina Bean. Ritter started the business in 2006, when her first child was two months old. She noticed he was spitting up a lot and none of her burp cloths stayed put on her shoulder. She cut one into a bean shape, and it worked!

Satsuma Designs
New York International Gift Fair - New York City, New York (8/13/11 - 8/18/11)

Five companies were presented with Baby & Child Best New Product Awards with Manny & Simon receiving the “Blogger’s Best” distinction for its collection of eco-friendly, wooden push toys in vehicle shapes. Baby & Child is one of ten divisions of the semi-annual New York International Gift Fair® (NYIGF®) that takes place in New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. In addition to the “Blogger’s Best” distinction, the awards included four other categories: toy, décor, gear and apparel. A panel of editors from trade media, kid-centric blogs and websites, including The Giggle Guide’s Leesa Valentino, selected the winners, which exemplified innovation, design and style.

When Tera Petersen had her daughter and wanted simple organic t-shirts for her, she found a lack of quality pieces that she wanted to buy. What to do when you want something for your little one that doesn’t exist? You make it yourself, of course! Tera created lunacy design, a green company featuring all organic hand-screened t-shirts, complete with non-toxic ink. Based in Brooklyn, NY, lunacy design t-shirts are all made from cloud-soft 100% organic cotton.

You’ll often hear President Obama talk about his attempts to get outside “the bubble,” referring to the excessive amount of time presidents spend in the White House and surrounded by Beltway insiders. Living such an insular life, he recognizes, gives one a skewed view of reality. Similarly, the New York Times On the Runway blog featured a post two weeks ago entitled “Bursting the Nutty Bubble” about the fashion bubble that makes those who work in designer and luxury markets forget that the real rainmakers in the garment industry are popularly priced goods, not the $15,000 handbags and $3,000 shoes to which they’ve become accustomed.

Little Things Mean A Lot
JP Lizzy

An emerging baby bump caused a fashion crisis that started a style revolution! Enter the Bellaband from Ingrid & Isabel, an essential garment to hold up unbuttoned waistbands, loose maternity wear, and garments that slip down around a late-pregnancy belly. Customers who buy a Bellaband can spend less time thinking about their pants and proudly flaunt their bellies wearing this innovative garment. Ingrid & Isabel also offers other essentials for moms-in-waiting, many of which are just as fashionable after the stork makes his delivery.