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What puts the finishing touch on fashion more than a stylish hat? Every little girl can look like an imp, a diva or a rock star beneath the brim of an oh-so-cool chapeau from Marili Jean Accessories. The hat maker began in 2009 when a Colorado working mother became frustrated with her inability to find practical, comfortable, yet stylish hats for her three young children. Fast forward and now tots to teens sport her charming, chic hats, headbands and other toppers, much of which are made of comfy, one-hundred percent cotton.

High-waters” sometimes means the creek is rising. In a kid’s world, however, it is an age-old tease that a child’s pant legs are too short — hardly an uncommon occurrence, since youngsters grow so fast! Generally, parents solve the high-water problem with one of two common solutions: 1.) Let down the hem. 2.) Buy new pants. But now, there’s a third solution that’s an uncommon innovation: Kuff-Its, from The Buti-Bag Company. Kuff-Its are a patent-pending solution that eliminate high-water taunts, keeping kids covered and cute.

Finger-pointing is okay in a child’s world when Hopscotch Kids™ non-toxic fingernail polish lets them crow, “Nailed it!” and point with satisfaction at perfectly colored and manicured nails on ten or twenty digits. Hopscotch Kids has solved the decades-old conflict between a little girl’s penchant for painted nails and her parents’ concern over toxic solvent-based nail polish. They’ve covered fingers and toes without offending the nose! The sister product, polish remover, is also safe and natural; made of water, tall oil fatty acids and alcohols (plant based), non-ionic surfactants, and organic buffers.

Sound Beginnings
Feather Baby

Summer has unofficially started, and families are gearing up for some hot times by the cool pool. Others are heading out to one of thousands of beautiful sandy beaches and lakes. Together with all the sun, fun and splashing good times, however, water can be dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the second highest cause of death in children under 15 years old. Rita Goldberg, a former national swimmer in Britain, provide families with much-needed advice and expertise that she brings from her years as a swimmer and an instructor in her fun, fascinating and informative book, I Love to Swim.

Looky Loo, LockerLookz are here! Add these fun locker decorations to your tween and teen displays for an instant punch of color and pattern to grab the attention of older kids. Two resourceful moms of pre-teen girls found a gap in the market and developed LockerLookz. Their products addressed the need for tween and teen-approved locker decorations that were also easy to install. The Lookz portion of the name refers to creating a personalized Look(z) which appeals to school-aged kids.

I often hear business owners say, “I would love to take advantage of social media, but I just don’t know where to start!” Most people understand that social media is a force to be reckoned with and that it is influencing the way consumers make decisions concerning what they buy and where. However, getting why social media is useful and knowing how to take advantage of it are quite different. With traditional media, some might dip their toes in the water with an ad or two. However, social media demands a head first dive right in.

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When a couple finds out that they are expecting twins, their life instantly changes. Looking at those two precious dots on the sonogram screen, initial shock turns to joy, then eventually the realization sets in that the early months of feeding and diapering are going to be extra, extra challenging. Raising twins (and other multiples) takes plenty of patience, helping hands from friends and family, and innovative baby products that make life a little easier. Products by Stroll-Air, TP Toys, TwinTrexx and Toddler Tables are a few such retail recommendations. Check them out on the double!

What could be better than having a baby? How about having twins, triplets, or more! While there’s no doubt that bundles of joy multiply the blessings, there may be some concern that the bundles will make for fumbles when it comes to feedings, diaper changes, and getting out of the house. Parents of multiples often have more needs than wants and rely on high-quality, durable products that can get tasks done in double time without double trouble. When it comes to innovative products made for multiples, parents can count on Double Blessings, Podee, Tommi Guard, and Bumkins.

Pregnancy is a beautiful miracle, but there are still a lot of body adjustments that can make expecting mothers count their sores before their blessings! One common occurrence is swelling in the legs due to increased pressure on the veins. As the pressure increases, the body has to work harder to circulate the blood, and blood can pool throughout the legs as a result. Swollen feet, tingling, and varicose veins are common complaints. So what can pregnant women do to feel better? Preggers by Therafirm™ provides gradient compression stockings, tights, and socks that can be a woman’s best defense against leg and feet discomfort during pregnancy.

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Wee Ones, LLC

People’s fondest memories are often associated with tangible things. Vivid images of a warm summer’s day go hand-in-hand with the colorful sno-cone machine that absolutely everyone had to try. And who could forget those childhood visits to the county fair, when all the kids joyously tore into the fluffy cones of cotton candy? Companies like Nostalgia Electrics and Pennsylvania Dutch Candies are bringing back the old-fashioned treats people love, while Zoku and Fundex provide fun experiences that help make new memories for both today’s youth and the young at heart.