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Every generation has that girl in high school who would effortlessly take something every other girl was wearing and change it up, distress it or rip it, dye it or embellish it in a way that was unique. What if you could offer your customers that kind of trend-setter look… for their kids? Well, Hope from Hope Jeans was that kind of girl. Her clothing line attracts the trendiest tots’ attention. Hope’s fame has grown along with her fashions, and she has been featured in the New York Times and Miami Herald as the next big thing in fashion for the forward-thinking.

One of the greatest challenges new parents face is integrating baby into their active lives. Some of the gear that is supposed to make going out with baby easy, is bulky, heavy and inconvenient. The QuickSmart line of baby gear is designed in Australia by a team of researchers, engineers and designers focused on creating clever award-winning products that are innovative, portable, convenient and compact. QuickSmart meets the world’s strictest safety standards with all the features today’s busy parents need, and nothing they don’t.

A dependable baby carrier is an essential piece of gear that helps parents keep their baby close and secure while they go about their daily activities. Baby carriers also give parents great flexibility, because they are able to take their baby on hikes, walks and other activities, where a stroller would be cumbersome or hard to maneuver. Baby carriers are lightweight and easy to just grab and go. There is one problem though with having just a carrier — there is nowhere for a baby to sit securely if one takes it off. One mother’s desire to simplify her life by combining two useful products in a new and creative way led to the birth of Onya Baby.

Feather Baby
Satsuma Designs

Getting baby out of the house for some fresh air, a quick run to the store, or just to visit some friends is necessary for both parent and child. But as new parents are quick to realize, babies need more gear to visit grandma than Sir Edmund Hillary needed to climb Everest! Smart companies have latched onto the idea that stepping out shouldn’t include getting stressed out. Attractive products that are easy to use and make life easier will always be in demand. Innovative brands such as Baby K’tan, Ju-Ju-Be, Innobaby, and Lifefactory are ready and able to make baby’s day out a stress-free affair.

Most children are blessed with a marvelously capable brain. To reach it, it’s simply a matter of accessing and supporting the rich potential that lies beneath the surface. The Giggle Guide® has found a book that helps unlock kids’ hidden talents and strengths: Power Brain Kids: 12 Easy Lessons to Ignite Your Child’s Potential. This new book from international best-selling author Ilchi Lee provides a child-appropriate guide to Lee’s world-renowned Brain Education method, which can help kids develop better concentration, improve their memory skills and instill self-discipline — just what parents need to effectively help their children learn better.

Parents are more conscious than ever about making their child’s life as green and healthy as possible, right from the start. Many more consumers are also determined to do business with companies who support “fair trade,” ensuring that everyone in the supply chain, from the cotton farmers to the pattern cutters and everyone in between will be treated fairly, paid a fair wage and work in a clean environment. A good example of brands that support these environmental and socially responsible virtues are Green Kids and Green Baby.

Bibi & Mimi
Michael Scott Studio

Once upon a time, a new baby arrived. As it often happens, some visitors wanted to hold her but didn’t have a clue how to support her back and head. Young tots grabbed at the baby, thrilled to get their hands on a real live doll. The baby’s parents were concerned about these actions, until they were introduced to the lightweight, cushiony z-Cush Baby Nap Mat that is designed to place a newborn in a position for maximum comfort and security. The mat works to show off a baby or to hold her for nursing, resting or changing when a changing table just isn’t an option.

In 2003, two enterprising women created an interior design firm with the goal to successfully combine the ideals of modernism with comfort and livability. Then, in 2010 they launched SPI Baby, a kid’s furniture and accessories line based on the same principle. Think of modern design that is highly sophisticated and lots of fun. This is furniture that is designed to play many different roles so that the buyer is investing in pieces that will be kept for years and reused as the family expands.

In a life with kids it follows that there are plenty of bumps and scrapes. The motto of the me4kidz team is “fix it, clean it, back to play,” that aptly describes how their line of first aid kits and products specially designed for the younger set works. According to Safe Kids USA, more than 3.5 million children aged fourteen and younger have sports and recreation-related injuries every year. To cope with these problems, the family-owned company devised the medi-products so that first aid can be given as soon as it’s needed.

Little Things Mean A Lot
Bébé au Lait

When Cause Haun first became a mom, she was dismayed in her search for flexible, stylish shoes for her one-year-old son, Kai. While traveling with her husband Gang Chen in China, Cause spotted urban, flexible children’s’ shoes. These were the type of footwear she had been unsuccessful finding in the States. She purchased several pairs of the shoes to bring back with her, and sold them at consignment shops. The response was incredible; the stores quickly sold out and the owners wanted more. In November 2004, See Kai Run was born in small steps, with a $10,000 investment and a hope for giant strides to come.