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Parents of young children appreciate items that make everyday life with a baby easier and more convenient. This is especially true for parents who travel frequently; being on the road with a baby or toddler is a challenge. Feeding, in particular, can be tricky business for the intrepid family. Young children tend to be rambunctious at mealtimes, and let’s not even talk about the mess factor! BambinOz, an Australia-based company, offers products that make it a snap to feed baby whether at home or on-the-road. These unique, ultra-convenient items leave parents wondering how they got by so long without them!

Family traditions serve a couple of different purposes: first, they instill a pride and awareness of a person’s heritage, and secondly, they help keep precious memories alive of dearly departed family members. Traditions can range from naming a firstborn child after a grandparent to giving a specific gift on a certain birthday. Even families that have current traditions in place can start new ones, and The Giggle Guide® has a great suggestion: a Jubilee Keepsakes First Birthday Cake Knife. This novel gift is given to new parents for their baby’s first birthday, then used on every subsequent birthday, or saved for use at the child’s wedding.

Potty training is often a challenging task for parents of toddlers. Some experts say to wait as long as possible, while others proclaim the earlier the better. Many parents reward with treats and stickers, while others use strict, no-nonsense methods. No matter which philosophy a parent chooses, toilet training products can ease the transition by offering toddlers greater independence, security, and a bit of fun. The Giggle Guide® presents innovative products from Kinderspirit Creations, My Carry Potty, Bambino Mio, and Primo Baby that help propel every little prince or princess to prodigious success on the family throne!

Fairy Finery Inc

Parents often grow nostalgic when their children pass milestones that indicate they are growing up. There is one element of childhood, however, that parents are eager to leave behind — the seemingly endless diaper trail! Unfortunately, toilet training can become a stressful battle of wills between caregivers and kids. Help your harried customers out with innovative products that ease the transition from diapers to “big kid” underpants. Tinkle Time Training Stickers from Goo-Goo Baby, Keep Me Clean™ Disposable Potty Protectors from Summer Infant, disposable travel potties by Poteez, and fun learning tools from Potty Tots make potty training a positive and rewarding experience for all!

Mealtime with kids can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Often more food ends up on the table than in little ones’ bellies! On top of the mess, children tend to get bored sitting and waiting for their parents to finish. Modern-twist has designed an eco-chic solution to mealtime mayhem, while making a trendy statement in any modern home. Modern-twist’s stylish, silicone placemats offer a non-porous, germ-free surface, making clean-up a breeze. Equally appealing are the placemats’ cool graphics, which invite children to channel their creative side by using wipe-off markers to express themselves.

What is black and white and cute all over? Tutortogs! Discover a new innovation in this captivating line of infant and women’s clothing. Tutortogs apparel initially appeals to moms with its bold patterns and classic designs. However, Tutortogs takes the concept of infant clothing a step further by featuring colors and designs that babies enjoy. Studies have shown that babies prefer high-contrast edges and patterns and later become aware of colors. The rompers, infant gowns and caps featured in the collection have a dual purpose in stimulating an infant’s visual development while making a stylish fashion statement appreciated by all.

Bibi & Mimi
KidShow - Las Vegas, Nevada (2/14/11 - 2/16/11)

Stan Howell of Little Things Mean a Lot talks with The Giggle Guide® about their heirloom line of Christening and Special Occasion apparel. As a family owned business that’s been in operation for nearly 30 years, it’s easy to see that little things certainly do mean a lot to their customers.

KidShow - Las Vegas, Nevada (2/14/11 - 2/16/11)

David Gaunt of The Giggle Guide® takes a look at Natural Wondies’ line of organic apparel at KidShow in Las Vegas. Their loungewear is made from 100% organic cotton, dyed and printed free of any hazardous chemicals such as AZO, and other chemicals throughout the entire production process.

Check out the softer side of organic baby and toddler clothing and bedding with Frenchy Baby Organics. In just three short years from its 2008 launch, Frenchy Baby has created brand awareness with certified 100% organic cotton clothing that is low impact on the environment but high impact on style. The Spring 2011 line features a color palette of black and white that is anything but basic, with finishing touches of ruffles that elevate the contrasting solid and stripes fabrics. Items available are easy to mix and match to create a wide range of chic outfits which feature simple, timeless elegance and charm.

Satsuma Designs
Nomie baby
New York International Gift Fair - New York City, New York (1/29/11 - 2/3/11)

The fun, funny, fabulous concept known as Silly Souls was hatched in 2000 and launched in 2002 — originally branded as babygags. The line was the original irreverently funny line of apparel and accessories for the coolest babies. The company evolved to a more whimsical, silly style and rebranded as Silly Souls when they launched their super baby shoe line. Across their product range, the brand’s goal remains to inspire laughter and the sunny, funny side of parenthood — including the silly personalities that each baby comes with.