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The after-Christmas season often includes looking for batteries in every size and searching for missing parts and assembly instructions. Help your customers simplify creative playtimes with Wikki Stix, designed to mimic the olden days of art projects with yarn and glue, only with less mess and more success. Easy to stick on and peel off, there are no mistakes with Wikki Stix. Because they come in a wide range of colors and can be cut to almost any size, Wikki Stix appeal equally to boys and girls, and span a wide range of ages, from 3 to 103! They are perfect for quiet, independent play, or interaction with others.

One of the greatest gifts a new mother can receive is often something that makes her feel stylish and comfortable. Wearing comfortable, functional and slightly sexy underwear is sure to make a nursing mother feel attractive at a time when that feeling may be a bit dormant. Dedicated to not letting it all hang out, Fancee Free Manufacturing Company offers nursing and full-figure bras and shapewear that are soft, fashionable, and useful.

Homemakers, especially those with children, grandchildren, and other little relations afoot, are diligent about keeping things clean. The urge to sanitize merges with a concern for eco-friendly products that are gentle on people and the planet. Pollutants in the home may not be as obvious as clouds of smoke and smog in the sky, but since there are chemical toxins in homes that impact air supply, it’s smart to use organic products for household cleaning. Educate your customers and become a resource to find these brands that are both organically clean and get the dirty work done: Fields Organics, MomSpit, Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover and Poo-Pourri.

Bébé au Lait

Take an owl, elephant or bird and turn it into a decorative throw pillow that would brighten the corner of any room. These and lots more spring from the workshop of decaf plush, a line of colorful, modern appliquéd floor cushions, pillows, and kids’ clothing made of ultra-soft velveteen, denim, and cotton. decaf plus designs are bright, animated and real stand-outs. Airplanes, a bird on a branch and an elephant add zing to a classic a-line dress in seersucker or 21 wale lightweight corduroy that can be paired with a tee for cooler days. Tees come in a wide range of sizes in designs like whales and fishes, doe a deer, mushrooms and berries.

Getting a retailer to buy your line is great — and especially exciting if the collection is new to the market — but convincing them to reorder should be your ultimate goal. And reorders are always based on how well your goods sold the previous season. If items flew off the racks, buyers will naturally seek you out the next time around. If too much of your line landed in the sale bin, however, your name will likely plummet from their must-shop list. Despite the importance of sell-throughs, it seems vendors sometimes forget the role they have in ensuring their lines take off at retail. Without you, your products are left to fly solo in the face of whatever headwinds come their way…

Dads are more involved in parenting than ever before, and there’s also an increase in the number of stay-at-home dads. Companies are taking notice of dads and are marketing products specifically for them. Fathers want to be involved in every step of the parenting process, from pregnancy and beyond. Now, they can do it using products with style, designed just for them! Dads are special, and we are seeing products that let them celebrate from fashionable and functional brands, including BellyMan Clothing, Diaper Dude, Andy & Evan, and DadGear.

Playtime New York

Elephants and piggies and lions, oh my! With the intense marketing and popularity of animal-shaped pillows, smaller companies selling plush critters might not get the attention they deserve. What if you could offer your customers an affordable and unique alternative to over-commercialized toys? And what if that offering also happened to help animals everywhere, lining cages instead of just pockets? Tell your customers it is, in fact, hip to be square by offering them Zooklz, the square animals with attitude.

Furnishings and decorative accessories for kids were dominated by boring wood stains and shades of dull. That was then. Now there are several manufacturers that offer good looking, quality crafted products that fit into a variety of trend-driven lifestyle decors. Whether a customer lives in a contemporary home, a traditional house or a French Provincial setting, there are designs that blend in harmoniously. Here are some examples of new designs from Bratt Décor, Muralistick, indoTreasures, and SweetSeat.

Babies are messy! New mom Johanna Romaniuk realized just how messy, when her 5-month-old daughter was determined to feed herself; afterwards, the floor was a spillabration! Out of necessity, Johanna made a high chair food catcher that was lightweight, compact and durable. She made it easy to attach, detach, clean and store on the high chair. The high chair food catcher was the beginning of Wupzey, a company dedicated to making products that make life with baby less messy. Wupzey now has a full line of products including car seat covers, high chair covers, bibs, coveralls, floor mats, shopping cart covers and diner covers.

Little Things Mean A Lot

Paula Roeske considered herself a very organized person when she had her first child. She went so far as stack all of his baby food jars by type in her pantry. She did not realize how easily these jars could topple and fall until her 6-month-old son began standing and holding on to her leg. She soon learned the dangers, when one of the glass jars fell and landed on his toe, breaking it. She was so upset, that when she got home with him from the hospital, she searched for baby food organizers and found nothing available. The need for a safe baby food organizer led to the creation of PRK Products, Inc. and the Universal Baby Food Jar Storage & Organizer.