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Aww, here's a cute way to wear our velvet mini pinch clips! Try our Blair baby bow as a double clip treat to keep...
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Indian Gowns for #zulily
Dr. Mason Smith talks #eyehealth, Real Kids Shades and how to get your kids to wear #sunglasses. Watch:
Piggy Woombie
Woombie shoot today!
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Poufy girls' dresses Christmas Who's little? style #fashion #girlsclothes
The perfect Christmas starts with the perfect dress! This would be adorable on a Christmas card. #fa
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Play time is casual time in @andyandevankids!! #Andyandevanboys #kidsfashion #childrensfashion #boysclothing...
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Now tell the truth, have you started holiday shopping yet?
#TBT featuring P!nk - having a hard time believing this was already over 3 years ago!! xo, Nikki #itzyritzy...
RT @peoplemag: Alicia Keys is pregnant &glowing at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Today, we remembered to take a shower
Idea and discount! We are traveling to upstate New York to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws. I just ordered...
"dressing and addressing" how @dkny communicates with customers about charitable things, according to DK on @NewYorkLiveTV now
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What little girl doesn't want to be Elsa? This spring, they can get the Frozen star's look with this Blush by Us...

At the grocery store, my wife and I try to use our own recycled bags for both fresh and frozen foods. But the baggers have not been trained much beyond “paper or plastic?” We’ve been giving them some gentle instructions about putting frozen foods in the insulated bags we provide. On seeing that the teen bagger was not up-to-speed about how to use recycled bags, the checker said to my wife, “What do you expect, they’re teenagers!” And what does she expect we think about her demeaning the young worker in front of a customer? Was she representing the store brand?

We have 375 hides of extremely soft and luxurious garment leather for sale in a variety of colors! From bright lime green to classic tan and brown. Some random hides may have a small “hump hole” (narrow hole along top of spine) and/or two small slices to indicate a brand, however it should have little to no effect on the overall yield. If you’re looking for a great deal on expensive leather, contact us today !!!

176 Red hides, 58 Orange hides, 30 Tan hides, 58 Brown hides, 23 Lime green hides, 30 Green hides

Contact: Pedoodles / (406) 755-6430
No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc.
Wee Ones, LLC

I’m finally showing my words again. And I’m sure you thought I was busy painting, creating invoices, and recovering from 2 trade shows. Well, your right! All-in-all considering this crazy economy….I opened up some new accounts and met some wonderful new people along the way. I also took a few days off to spend with my family (the boys) since my hubby has been out of town. Of course, spending time with my boys involves football practice, football games, swim practice, sleepovers ( I did have one night to was fabulous!), and we did manage a few games of scrabble.

So….I’m in between shows right now and my boys are on Spring Break, which I’m still adjusting to. I’m having a hard time getting invoicing done, painting, and other business needs due to football practice every night…thanks coaches! But, I thought I’d drop in to show all of you some new art that is being featured in LA, Ca. this week. I’ve been wanting to create a piece with an elephant for some time now but I just couldn’t get it out of my brain. you can see, it finally came out.