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Off to conduct our exhibitor seminar at @ChildrensClub this morning. Looking forward to seeing you there! #kidsbiz
RT @MaSerendipite: Our review of 18th session #PlaytimeParis: 2016 Spring-Summer #kids and ht…
Missed my pics from the NYC shows? Don't forget to follow me @fluttersales #playtimenewyork #playtimeny...
Missed my pics from the NYC shows? Don't forget to follow me @fluttersales #playtimenewyork…
Live simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots. - Unknown #quote
Fun prints? Check. Bright colors? Check. Timeless bodies? Check. Lil Trunks has it all. Shop booth 6451 #ccaug15 #new
Have you heard about my new company Flutter Sales? Stop by booth 6456 to find out how to buy/ sell goods at off price
Super Interesting, go play outside! #nature #summertime #future #technology #kids #outdoors
Let them be little in fun, age-appropriate fashions from Lil Trunks. Shop the new brand @ChildrensClub 6451 #spring16
You know you want it! Visit Flutter Sales in booth 6456 to enter to win a little something from Tiffany! #ccaug15
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Against all odds and despite all the obstacles, we are going to make it. - Marilyn Monroe #quote
Exhibitors, join the Children's Apparel Consulting Group tomorrow at 8 am for industry advice and…
It's a win/win! Flutter Sales helps brands sell overstock & stores buy at a discount. Visit 6456 for details #ccaug15
Come meet Lil Trunks in @ChildrensClub booth 6451 for loads of color and joyful custom prints #spring2016 #kidstyle
It's a win/win! Flutter Sales helps brands sell overstock & stores buy at a discount. Visit 6456 for details #ccaug15
You know you want it! Visit us in booth 6456 to enter to win a little something from Tiffany! #ccaug15 #childrensclub
Hey, I'm taking over the @fluttersales instagram today. Check it out for all things Spring '16 and NY…
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RT @MarqueComm: . @ItzyRitzy in the Summer Issue of @ParentsLatina
Happy #nationalbreatfeedingmonth #mommies! Great tips on how to continue at work and more @fitpregnancy #nbm15
Besties from finnandemma #playtimenewyork #playtimeny #kidsbiz #fashion #spring2016 #SS16…
No need to make lemonade. This Boucle d'Or baby set is sweet enough #playtimenewyork #playtimeny…
Tiny Little Dream dolls debut with upcycled sweaterknit a and natural fabrics #playtimenewyork…
Sugarcane's sweet styles use hand loomed fabric from the Philippines. #playtimenewyork #playtimeny…

Okay, Christmas is SERIOUSLY just around the corner. There’s no denying it anymore at this point. If you haven’t done any gift shopping yet, you may want to start thinking about it now. But if you don’t fancy getting into the mad, mad Christmas rush, why not make the gifts yourself? And to make it fun (or, inevitably, very challenging), let your kids join in! When they see you tinkering with all the arts and crafts, they’d want to join in anyway…

Let’s face it, ladies. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore that perfectly roasted turkey beckoning us to get just a little more. It lies golden on the dining table, the sheen coming from the buttery fats glazed over it. Even from afar, you can almost hear its crisp skin breaking, to reveal the moist tender meat underneath. Ahhh… the holidays.

Barely a month to go before Christmas… The holiday season never fails to stir up the spirit of giving within all of us. Whether it’s something as simple as a greeting card for an old friend or as grandiose as jewelry for a loved one, gift-giving is never as joyous as it is during the holidays.

But more than anything, and I’m sure you would agree, Christmas really is for the children. So don’t be a Scrooge this holiday season and spread some Christmas joy to them, too!

JP Lizzy
Andy & Evan

Deciding where to spend my advertising dollars used to be so simple. Print or more print? In fact, back in the day (sometime around the Cretaceous period), I worked with three national print publications and called it a day. My phone rang off the hook. I was living in La-La land and didn’t even know it.

Seasons greetings! The holidays are here! Halloween is just around the corner and then Thanksgiving and Christmas are a blink away. What better way to celebrate the season than with FREE Holiday No Slippy Clippies!? For a limited time only when you shop on No Slippy’s website and purchase $25.00 or more from our regular offered clips, you will receive a free holiday clip. Our holiday clips include a Halloween pumpkin, a spooky ghost, a Christmas tree or even Santa Clause himself.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is all of the opportunities to get in my kitchen and bake. Since I have many mouth watering holiday recipes I thought it would be nice to share them all with you and give my readers the opportunity to share theirs as well. I will be posting them one by one randomly throughout the next 2 weeks so stay tuned!

Bébé au Lait

Metro Parent magazine (based in Portland, Oregon) is hosting a BopStarBaby: Baby Makes3 basket giveaway, and they’ve featured it in both their October 2009 issue and their Annual Baby Guide! Next month, watch for Pregnancy Magazine’s new contest; there’ll be a BabyMakes3 basket as the grand prize. Good luck to all who enter!

Well, it happened. I just found out yesterday by a fellow artist who was also copied that my art was being sold on another website. Not only was she taking my design, but the idiot actually forgot to photoshop out my signature from the photo she stole from me. Do you see it here…”the Ballad of Sir Lucky Lion”…that’s mine. Straight from my own website J.AUSTINRyan.

When the days grow shorter and the nights colder and the leaves change from green to red, yellow and brown, Fall is finally upon us. With the kids back at school and the holidays fast approaching, there is no better time for some good online shopping! Maybe you are still looking for a special Halloween costume for your kids, or searching for that perfect gift to keep them snugly until March, or maybe you are just ready to update their wardrobe with some cute cold weather classics. Check out some of these awesome finds and know that they are just a click away from your door!