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With less than a month away, here’s some #MondayMotivation for all our #ABCKidsExpo17 attendees!
"I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I am Batman." It's Batman week at Bumkins. Stay tuned for some…
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RT @First_Candle: Join us from Oct.17-19 in #LasVegas for #ABCKidsExpo17 @ABCKidsEXPO. DM if you are attending. We would love to meet you a…
"I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I am Batman." It's Batman week at Bumkins. Stay tuned for some…
Safety Tip: It is very important that your little one sleep alone but it is equally important to check on them ofte…
RT @crescentwomb: One month until @ABCKidsEXPO! Come see how Crescent Womb can assure all parents and babies quality sleep. #restassured #A…
#BatmanDay is 9/23! @mommatammyaz helps you celebrate in style at #batman #dccomics…
Check out #ABCKidsExpo17 exhibitor @sinkboss's video on how they're solving your dirty germ problem!
Looking for the perfect #baby #gift ? Let #LizandRoo package, wrap and send it for you!
It's #NationalPlayDohDay! Like this if your kid ❤️ Play-Doh. . . #bumkins #splatmat #playdoh #playdohday
Baby Safety Tip: Everyone knows that U must babyproof your
Baby Safety Tip: Everyone knows that U must babyproof your
Favorite time of year is almost here!
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RT @garciadiaries: Did you catch yesterday's post? It's all about nighttime routines! Check out my top tips! @HaloSleep #ad…
Check out #ABCKidsExpo17 exhibitor @cakematernity’s line of active sports bras!
Read what the people at @TrimesterTalk have to say about your little one eating yogurt.
Baby Safety Tip- Everyone who cares for UR should know CPR. The @American_Heart Assoc. offers classes & kits that a…
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Bethanie of @garciadiaries has been using the new HALO SnoozyPod bedtime soother to help her toddlers sleep better…

I find it so precious how little girls can get their dads weak-kneed in adoration for them, especially if these dads openly admit it! Last time, we talked about how Jude Law’s will was broken by his little girl.

This time, it’s Greg Kinnear, who grew up with a brood of active boys but ironically ended up with three lovely girls. It’s endearing how he is already preparing himself to wait on the porch with a shotgun for when little six-month-old Kate starts dating! He recently shared with


Do you know the phrase, “Keep all your plates in the air”? Remember the circus act where a person has to keep multiple plates spinning fast on top of tall poles, so that no plates fall? I remember this act from the Ed Sullivan Show! In business, we call this act “multi-tasking.” Gemma Touchstone, a talented, multi-hyphenate entrepreneurial expert in many facets of the children’s apparel and product business, is the most amazing “plate spinner” I know! She keeps lots of project plates going strong, while wearing lots of “hats” too!

What kid doesn’t love to pull pranks? And what day is more perfect to pull the best pranks ever than on April Fool’s? The one day when you can get away with it!

Now, now, we are all for creativity. But we don’t want anybody to get hurt, either. So please do make sure that your pranks are safe but of course, still fun.

Here are a few fun suggestions for you and your kids to pull on April Fool’s from suite101:

  • Put some green food coloring into a carton of milk. It will look delicious when it’s time for a family member to put milk into their cereal in the morning!

I was a full-time partner in an advertising agency for almost 30 years, and I know from experience that it’s great to know a good copywriter, photographer, and most of all, a graphic designer. Linda Mah-Snyder is the best computer graphic designer I know. I have worked with her as a business partner for over 25 years and she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity, work ethic, innovation, appreciation of tight budgets and ability to lead an entire creative team and develop a great rapport with any and every client.

You know it all too well. Once you entered parenthood, somehow “sleep” stopped being a part of your vocabulary. Even when the little critters are already in dreamland, your momma instincts keep you alert for any sound or movement. This is especially true if you have babies! And you find yourself missing what it felt like to be in a truly deep slumber.

Fret not! There is still hope! You may not be able to get back into worry-free sleep, but there are still ways that you can help yourself deal with sleep deprivation. clues you in:

The Tired Moms’ Guide to Better Sleep

Thank you for your support as we raised money for Layla Grace’s Medical bills and awareness for Neuroblastoma. To say thank you we are offering Free Shipping on our website for today only! Enter code FC310 at checkout to receive your free shipping.

Also please checkout our Facebook, we are releasing pictures of our new products due out in May and would love the feedback!

I met Angela Edgeworth, president and founder of pediped Footwear, in 2005 at her first gift trade show. We hit it off quickly as Angela was very open to sharing her new venture and I was only too willing to give her my two cents worth of trade show wisdom. (I remember that she made me aware of the potential to sell children’s products and gifts to upscale car washes!) At our first meeting we began what has grown into a very nice business friendship, based on mutual respect, admiration and appreciation of our ability to help each other in our respective businesses.

Baby Bella Maya is seeking Sales Reps in the following markets: IL, MA, MI, NJ, NY and PA. Founded in 2005, Baby Bella Maya took the juvenile products industry by storm, receiving JPMA’s 2005 Innovation Award for their inaugural product a baby carrier slip cover. Baby Bella Maya can now be found in over 1000 stores throughout the United States and has grown their product offering to include: designer baby booties, blankets, car seat covers, leggings, gift sets, headbands and fanny covers along with their original offering, front pack carrier slip covers.

Contact: Lynn Barber / (805) 498-1914

I met Brooke Showell in 2003 when she took over as the “Small World” editor at Earnshaw’s. I do not like change, and I thought I would have to “take her under my wing,” show her the ropes and help her learn about the juvenile product and baby biz. I am pleased to admit that Brooke quickly proved me wrong as she flew on her own from day one.