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Our owners Miles and Gina have taken pop art to a whole new level! Having Halloween fun at Wee Ones - Hair...
RT @JunoBlu: Check out the @JunoBlu table at the @ABCKidsEXPO this year!
Happy Halloween from Bumkins!
Our design and marketing teams are rockin' the creativity on Halloween and everyday at Wee Ones - Hair...
Sarasota begins #safesleep initiative:
Nursing? Planning to? 10+ #breastfeeding must haves for new and seasoned...
Our production department has been put in a trance. Our bows today are simply SPOOTACULAR at Wee Ones - Hair...
~Wishing you and your little trick-or-treaters a happy, safe #Halloween
Cute! Happy Halloween!
It's Halloween and our finance department is taking care of a very important customer at Wee Ones - Hair...
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Happy Halloween! Since we <3 our fans SO MUCH...let’s have some more Friday Fun! You and a friend can win a...
Happy Halloween! Since we <3 our fans SO MUCH...let’s have some more Friday Fun! You and a friend can win a...
Have you entered to #win the #HALOBassinest? Today's the last day to enter!:
We take bow making seriously at Wee Ones - Hair Accessories. Here is a peek of the professionals behind the...
Even though #SIDSAwareness month is coming to a close, continue to share "Safe to Sleep" practices to all caregivers
Today we're revealing holiday #gifts for the littlest ones! #nursery #baby
There's still time to enter the Zippyz Spooktacular Giveaway! 31 amazing prizes could be yours. You have to be...
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@deedeeparis @SBEP oups nos pinceaux se sont emmêlés entre vos blogs que nous regardons quotidiennement ;)
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
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Les yeux fardés de noir, elle est prête à semer la terreur pour une soirée entière à frissonner de plaisir. Et...

I just finished attending my third Licensing Expo at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. I WROTE THIS BLOG in 2009. At this year’s event, I saw more than ever that whatever was old is new - or reimagined - again. So … I thought I would rerun these thoughts. Only thing maybe changed is popularity of Jonas Brothers? What licensed characters do you remember from childhood?

Got me thinking of the licensed characters of my childhood, and those that came and went during the “licensing years” of my three children over 20 years ago.

Davy Crockett – King of My Wild Frontier

Children’s club was a big success! We haven’t attended in NYC regularly for the past 5 years and are just now starting to build a schedule to attend every March and October show. Lots of our clients who missed us are excited to be ordering again, especially from our new collection of extremely affordable styles.
We’re still committed to being made in USA using natural materials and fun-tastic designs. If you missed us last week, you can still get the catalog, just email

Sound Beginnings

Here is a link ( to the Federal Register Notice announcing the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) decision to extend the existing stay of enforcement on testing and certifications of the total lead content in children’s products (except for metal components of children’s metal jewelry) until December 31, 2011.

CPSC is in the process of notifying manufactures of the Database and encouraging them to “register” a company representative who will receive information about complaints pertaining to their company’s products. I strongly encourage each of you to nominate and register such an individual so that you will have an opportunity to timely respond to any published complaint.

For your information, a press release from the CPSC announcing the Database is available on their website (

What’s the best way to ring in the New Year? With new shoes of course! Check out our brand new walkers for toddlers in 5 of our most popular patterns! These new walkers are available in sizes 12-18 and 18-24 months and have a non-slip sole. They are perfect for your toddler’s play dates, dress up or any time she wants to feel special! Pick yours up today!

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I heard on the radio the words ” temperatures will drop below freezing” and instantly make a note to pull out my Alpha Industries N3B parka- made for all ages this jacket is perfect for those extra cold days! The flight nylon outer shell protects from the blustery winds, and the warm furry lined hood is perfect to pull around your little ones head for those icy cold days, and fun play in the snow days! The zip up front keep them warm from the nose all the way to the toes! Get one for your lil one and a matching one for you too!

Julia Beck (founder of the Forty Weeks consulting firm that specializes in the expectant and new moms market) reminds me of all the best qualities of Dolly Levi. She’s a dynamic, energized marketing matchmaker who arranges things … like creative partnerships between complementary brands, major brand-building events, innovative promotional campaigns, one-of-a-kind strategies, advertorials, image makeovers and effective ways to match women with products and services, from fertility through first years with new life.

Lately, many of the top marketing minds have been stating publicly that businesses should be redirecting their resources away from their website and into Facebook, specifically Facebook fan pages. ‘Skittles’ now uses its website as solely a landing page, redirecting traffic to its social media platforms, specifically Facebook.