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@iliedmyfaceoff I will always love you. You are already honest, so any rejection is a reflection of them, not you.
RT @SourcingJournal: Now under Coach's wing, Kate Spade will undertake a similar turnaround in product and distribution…
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What was your little's #Sunday dinner?
Savings on top of savings! Get an extra 20% off #sale styles with code BONUS20 @ checkout! Sale ends 8/23 #pediped…
Savings on top of savings! Get an extra 20% off #sale styles with code BONUS20 @ checkout! Sale ends 8/23 #pediped…
See what @HABA_usa is showing at #ABCKidsExpo17!
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They only deserve the best so give it to them.
Savings on top of savings! Get an extra 20% off #sale styles with code BONUS20 @ checkout! Sale ends 8/23 #pediped…
Sleepy time! #swaddle #sleepybaby #love
In honor of #AviationDay, check out the best travel gear for toddlers and infants! Via @LuciesList
Savings on top of savings! Get an extra 20% off #sale styles with code BONUS20 @ checkout! Sale ends 8/23 #pediped…
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Protect your baby from sun, wind & rain while being in style! They also make a great gift.
Perfect idea, and it's the start of the weekend, let's go!
Updated the blog on crib safety and bumpers:
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Nothing to see here. Little Eater: @babystuff_reviews . #bumkins #sleevedbib #bibwithsleeves #chevronbib #bib…
We can never be too safe when it comes to our little ones. Learn more on crib safety & how to keep your baby safe.…

Your child has been begging for a little brother or sister and you finally have some big news to share:)! Why not surprise your big sister/brother to be by celebrating his new sibling status. These stylish party kits are custom designed with ease and affordablilty in mind! Print according to directions, assemble and embellish if you want to add some extra pizazz. Viola!…a Big Sibling Party kit. You will honor your child in such a special way!

At Happy Heinys, we know from our family’s experience just how important it is to protect the smallest and most vulnerable babies from the minute they are born. After experiencing first hand the stress, anguish, fear and finally the absolute happiness of the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) I admit that as happy as we were to finally bring our little baby girl home we were also terrified! She had “coded” several times while in the hospital, so the realistic fear of that happening at home was tremendous.

We absolutely love receiving letters from you! Just recently, Josie Nguyen sent us an email about how she and her little girl love No Slippy Hair Clippy. Plus, she attached a lovely photo of her daughter wearing our Tilly Butterfly clip!

To the wonderful people at No Slippy:

Greenbuds is seeking baby bedding and furniture sales representatives, interested in representing our Certified Organic Cotton Mattress Pads and bedding essentials. Based out of NY, our company is committed to ensuring our products our made with the purest and most natural raw materials, eliminating all chemicals and toxic concerns. Yet, besides for our premier quality, we pride ourselves in providing competitive prices, giving every new baby a chance to start their life right! We are seeking representation in many different states.

Contact: Miriam Mandel / (646) 724-6396

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Black Lacy Leggings! These adorable leggings are perfect under dresses and will make your little one the center of attention this fall!

We’d also like to share that we’ve added a new size to our leggings! All of our leggings are now available in 3 sizes! 6-12 month, 12-18 months and 18-24 months! Now every little girl can show off her style! Check them out today!

I remember when I was working in my corporate job having to take a personal day here and there to take care of “life stuff”. It was no big deal. I alerted my manager, made out my list of to-do’s and off I went. Mission accomplished.

Fast forward to mompreneurship. I still have the same, if not more, life stuff. I still have my list of to-do’s. I even alerted myself that I need to take a day off to complete these tasks by marking them on my calendar. Yet they either remain undone or, worse, I spend the day feeling guilty that I’m not “at work”.

When you first learn you’re about to become a mother, time stops. It’s just a split second, but it’s a very clear, unforgettable quiet out of body experience. In that single moment, you realize you are no longer just you, you are carrying a life, another. It’s a bit dizzying. The feeling that you are different than you were before that moment is ever present, until one day you realize you can’t remember exactly who you were before the baby. I don’t think there is any single event in the human experience as life changing as becoming a parent.

Our first Baby Shop Hop ( is due September 1, 2010, but our newest event wouldn’t be complete without a chance to give back to the community that makes our Shop Hops possible! For each logo found and clicked on during the Baby Shop Hop we will make a donation to a charity.

Which charity, you ask? That’s for YOU to help us decide. Starting June 1, Shop Hop Productions launched their “Charity Select” contest.

Hudson’s featured two of our favorite new things in their April/May 2010 issue. First, there’s No Slippy Hair Clippy®’s Clipettes™ - the little clip that’s got a grip. We think Clipettes are perfect for parents shopping for style and quality on a budget, and we’re thrilled Hudson’s feels the same way. Then there’s Pedoodles® new suede sneaker “The Scout” – the latest eco-friendly style in their collection. We’re proud of the fact that Pedoodles® is a true innovator in children’s footwear, and we’ve got to thank Hudson’s for helping us spread the word!