The Biz: Just Launched

After a successful soft launch in the spring, Nested Bean unveiled the Zen Swaddle’s first set of prints at the ABC Kids Expo in October. The swaddle, which is the first to soothe babies by mimicking maternal touch, now comes in three proprietary patterns that work together as a family, each drawing from the same palette of Kumquat and Pebble. The Pods print sprouts with leaves, stems and buds. Wheels features spinning spokes and delicate ripples, while Dots offers geometric uniformity.

Contact: Manasi Gangan / (877) 936-7923

Kalulu bursts onto the market with a vibrant children’s wear collection inspired by the colors and traditions of East Africa. The line is made entirely out of kikoy cloth, a bold cotton fabric traditionally worn by men in the region as sarongs. Kikoys mix and match complementary and contrasting hues, creating plaid and striped patterns. Kalulu employs this fabric on easy-to-wear silhouettes that are both age-appropriate and eye-catching for girls and boys sizes 2T to 10. The Kalulu line is made in the United States.

Bluebird Blanket debuted at the October ABC Kids Expo with a line of super soft, eco-friendly baby blankets that are made in the United States. The company features kid-friendly themes children can grow with and sophisticated colors that easily complement any family’s décor—in the nursery and throughout the rest of the home.

Contact: Brenda Anderson / (800) 886-2184

Guess What’s Cookin In The Baker?
Our New Print fashion collection!

Proudly Introducing

The New Spring 2013
Dreamsicle Collection

Contact: Attitude Pie / (305) 725-3505

We are proud to announce the new line of big ear piggy banks. Available now!

The piggy bank is well made, not too heavy and you can tell it’s good quality. It’s the perfect addition to any nursery, a great baby shower gift, or a nice gift for any occasion.

Contact: Taylor Lowe / (714) 990-1590

Since it is the first week of autumn 2012, the timing is perfect for VP of Sales & Marketing Michael Berens of Donita Fashion USA to announce that the quality dress brand offers an Immediate-Buy Service. Donita’s manufacturing policy is to always have dresses available for fast delivery and great prices, even for the current season. Berens reports, “The traditional buying cycles are continuing to change, and we understand that many retailers may not always have open-to-buy capital to make purchases six months prior to the retailer’s selling season. That’s where Donita helps.

Contact: Michael Berens / (310) 968-5558

Too often for parents, changing a baby’s diaper can be more like a wrestling match. Babies wriggle and squirm and sometimes try to put their hands where you wish they wouldn’t. Or they cry and fuss because they find it uncomfortable to be uncovered.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Same URL but brand new look and all our styles have a story that goes with them. So you can share the history with your customers.

AND, here’s the cool part for our wholesale customers - you can order ONLINE! We offer immediate delivery so fill in as needed. Minimums are low. Let us know if you want login information:

Contact: Heather Marquardt / (888) 572-7774

Donita Fashion designs and manufactures girls’ dresses for all seasons, from light print sundresses to contemporary party and classic special occasion attire. Donita offers over 200 styles. Sizes range from infant through tween, depending on the style. The parent company, Liza Christina, has been in business for over 30 years. The Donita brand is designed, sold and distributed for the domestic market in the Los Angeles area.

Here is a preview of the Donita Fashion groups for 2013 Spring/Summer.

Wild Flower Garden

Contact: Michael Berens / (310) 968-5558