Our Mission to…. Save the Ears!

SAVE the doll's ears too- no need to send in to get pierced!!

What we do: SAVE the ears & more!

Why? Because people want a safe alternative to piercing.

Since when? Mom created in 2009, launched in 2010

How? High quality, USA made vegetable based ink tattoos. CPSC safe. Eco-friendly. Packaged so that getting “bink’d is something special”

bINK’d are pierce free temporary tattoos made small enough AND cute enough to be worn as earrings. With more than one set of each design we provide the quantity to create Ear Fun & More! We are the original, safest alternative to traditional ear piercing. Our 50+ designs are made using a US based manufacturer who only uses FDA approved vegetable based inks and are CPSC compliant for use by children. We offer fun designs that show up nice as earrings, but can also be used for more. Kids love bINK’d because we provide the images they love and always add to our collections. Even our packaging is fun- our ideal sized earrings come in little jar containers with 12 pairs (24 images)- each container has 2 different designs. They can be collected, stacked and stored away for future use- one container easily lasts a few months! When applied to ears they last up to 7 days and longer on nails with a top coat Already have pierced ears? Use as second or triple pierceings & on dolls, toys even shoes. bINK’d also has crystal bling which are great for layering on top of bINK’d, or alone to deceive others into thinking you had your nose pierced! Check out our purse options for creating the ultimate all-in-one kit- they make great gifts!

Check us out today- we have low wholesale minimums. WE can create custom & exclusive designs. We provide demo/event kits with purse & mirror so you can have fun with your customers and provide them a first hand look at how easy, fun and perfect bINK’d is! We can also create custom store packaging featuring your store (and or event).


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