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Happy Manatee ~ NKS948 Group

Charming Hawaii Kids launches The Happy Manatees on The Giggle Guide. We have added the two styles into this new category. The manatees, or sea cows, as they are sometimes called, are aquatic mammals that can grow to 13 feet and over 3,000 pounds, even though they eat only plants.

Scientists have counted as many as 3,300 in Florida, from November through March, Crystal River, 70 miles north of Tampa, is the epicenter of manatee-watching. The manatees cannot survive in water below 60 degrees, and come winter, they arrive at Kings Bay and the adjacent rivers, which are fed by warm springs that average 72 degrees year round. There are numerous rules and laws in place to protect the manatees, which are vulnerable to injuries from motorboats. Swimming with them is permitted, but visitors are cautioned to be respectful and protective; as it is illegal under Florida law “to annoy, molest, harass, or disturb any manatee.”

Hope you enjoy our cute and cuddly friends from up close and far away.

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