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American Terry Co.

From a New York City textile pushcart over 100 years ago to the progressive textile manufacturing company of today, American Terry Co. has maintained a longstanding tradition of quality and customer satisfaction. To continue this great history of success, American Terry Co. is altering its fabrics and sales approach to create a better connection with you, our ever-important customer.

American Terry Co. is already known as one of the leaders in textile manufacturing among major companies and businesses. Your favorite towel or softest blanket may be made of American Terry fabrics and you probably had no idea!

That is why American Terry is now expanding by combining its traditional and loved fabrics with contemporary design to produce a wonderful line of robes, bibs and much more! Customers can now appreciate the quality, attractiveness, innovative design and customer satisfaction intrinsic in all American Terry fabrics and products.

490 Broadway • 5th Floor • New York, New York 10012
Contact: Nancy Schmidt
Phone: (212) 226-8040
Fax: (212) 431-3255