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Breganwood Organics in collaboration with exceptional designers provides delightfully whimsical cotton towelling products for children using sustainable textiles and manufacturing processes. Twenty years ago we began by manufacturing terry towels, bathrobes and slippers for the luxury hotel industry. It is a demanding industry that requires quality products that are both attractive and durable. Breganwood Organics remains committed to the same high standards but has replaced conventional cotton with organic cotton.

Why Organic? There are numerous claims about the amount of chemicals needed to make a conventional cotton product. The real answer is complicated. It depends on where the cotton is grown, the variety, the weather conditions, the condition of the soil etc. What we do know for certain is that all those chemicals eventually weaken the soil, end up in our streams and waterways and have costs far beyond the price of the original fertilizer or pesticide. Still want a number? Using the statistics from a Danish Environmental Study we estimate that the cotton needed to make just one of our bath wraps would require ½ pound of chemicals if the cotton were grown conventionally.

“By farming with a combination of savvy and sweat, organic cotton growers help preserve our air, our water, our soil, and the bountiful biodiversity of our planet.”

We pay close attention to the manufacturing too. We own the factory that weaves the fabric and performs the cut and sew operations. Our workers are paid a fair wage and treated with respect. The bleaching and dying is outsourced to factories who use low impact dyes and have effective water treatment systems in place.

All our products contain 100% certified organic cotton… better for our environment, better for your family. Designed to delight!

5797 East 169th St. • Noblesville, Indiana 46062
Contact: Laurie Lemmlie-Leung
Phone: (718) 732-7738