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Our super soft stuffed animals with dry erase heart-shaped boards make the perfect Pregnancy Countdown, Birth Announcement for the Hospital Door and Cuddly Best Friend…all in one!

You can also “Welcome” the Tooth Fairy with our fun Treasure Pocket™ a-door-nimals

Innovative Pregnancy Countdown:
Expectant moms take their a-door-nimal to the office and count down the days ‘til Baby is due. Co-workers love the idea of participating in this fun countdown and it answers the age-old question, “When are you due?”

Birth Announcement for the Hospital Door:
Mom and Dad announce Baby’s birth to guests at the hospital on the colorful dry-erase heart, then take their a-door-nimal home to adorn their nursery.

Cuddly Best Friend:
When their a-door-nimal is no longer used as a decoration, Mom and Dad can remove the heart, tags and ribbons and their a-door-nimal becomes a Cuddly Best Friend for their child!

Baby Shower Decoration:
Guests enjoy being greeted at the door with a cute a-door-nimal or it can be used as a centerpiece at the table.

Treasure Pocket a-door-nimals:
Families have so much fun celebrating the arrival of the Tooth Fairy! Mom and Dad and the Tooth Fairy all enjoy leaving a reward for each precious tooth lost inside the cute Treasure Pocket™.

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