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Every year over 7 billion greeting cards are purchased in the US most of which are disposed of in our landfills in the days to follow. We are hoping to redirect that mind set. A product for all reasons and seasons, they are the next generation of greetings that are just too cute to end up in the trash! Our product is timeless and also great for re-gifting. WebRappers are cross generational too! From babies to Boomers, Generations X, Y and Z it’s all good. We don’t want to leave anybody out of our audience. Not only do the toys Rap and record, but they WRAP around wrists, gifts, cribs, vitamins, bottles, ankles etc.Our WebRappers online recording studio features hundreds of original musical greetings and genres to choose from in several languages for all your friends and family to enjoy”.

14077 Paradise Point Rd. • Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
Phone: (866) 788-2479


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