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Kaloo began with a dream…

A father’s dream, to invent different soft toys for his little boy. As a modern father, his vision was softness and comfort using innovative materials in a rainbow full of colours. His aim was to create the doudou his little boy had dreamed of. A little bear, an emotional symbol for all toddlers, was then chosen as the brand’s emblematic animal.

Because dreams can come true, Kaloo came to life one beautiful morning in late 1998. Kaloo, whose name was inspired by this one little boy, Lucas…

Because a child’s everyday life should be filled with wonder and softness to encourage their evolution, Kaloo, with its modern design and innovative themes creates a complete world for children to revisit timeless classics.

21100 Daoust Avenue • Ste Anne De Bellevue, Québec H9X 4C7
Contact: Leif Quraeshi
Phone: (514) 457-3088
Fax: (514) 457-2980