contemporary and functional design for children by mothers

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maamam aims to improve our lives as parents by creating unique products that are modern, functional and most importantly safe for our children. We believe in superior quality, using the best materials available, and excellent craftsmanship. From our manufacturing choices to our own business practices, we strive to achieve social, ethical and environmental sustainability.

maamam is a private company that is founded and operated by mothers. ” maamam,”means motherly, nurturing, special. What’s unique about maamam? maamam helps busy mothers and fathers turn their great ideas into unique, modern and safe products that can benefit us all!

Our first product, aacua, transforms bath time with babies into a more relaxing, safe and fun experience. Four products in one, aacua grows with your child as you can use it from birth until toddlerhood. It keeps care-givers dry and kids happy. For more details, please visit our website.

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Contact: Houda Rahim
Phone: (415) 685-3121
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