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A long time ago there was this planet with land and water and creatures that live on it.

Among the many creatures, were people like you.

As you can imagine, the number grew and they grew…

They built houses from trees that they could live in,and ate food from packages made of paper and tin.

They made all kinds of objects that helped them go far; like planes, and trucks, and trains, and cars.

They built highways, and buildings, and bridges galore and made gadgets, machines and so very much more!

The planet became crowded with so little space and always something new to take over each place.

Where nature once flourished, was covered with stuff Then along came the Planetpals and said “This is enough!”
Look at this planet, it’s under such stress! If we make changes now, we will avoid a big mess.

If you lend us a hand, we will all work together. We’ll be Planetpals and make our world better.

25 Star Rd • Newton, Massachusetts 02165
Contact: judith gorgone
Phone: (617) 244-7531