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Templeton's - Timeless Infant Silver

The Heirloom Bijou Bracelet® is a sterling silver pacifier holder that converts to a keepsake bracelet for Mom. Keeps Baby’s pacifier on Baby and off the floor! Works with every pacifier and has a dual purpose, which makes it the most versatile pacifier holder in the market today. Naturally silver is antimicrobial which means that germs can’t grow on it! We tested our products and they have 85%less bacteria than other leading fabric and plastic pacifier holders. It has been mother approved and lab tested for strength, as well as CPSC certified for lead content.

We are the original beaded pacifier bracelet and a must-have for DR. PHIL’S grandchildren. Visit our website and see why they love us.

www.TempletonSilver.com • Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Contact: Rhett Templeton
Phone: (843) 795-7224


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