Tottels™ Towels-for-Tots

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Tottels™ Towels-for-Tots

When a registered nurse and Mom of three active little boys, found herself scooping up countless wet hand towels from every corner of the bathroom, she was inspired to find a solution. She designed Tottels™ towels with one goal in mind: to have clean hands with no more towels on the floor! Because they snap onto the towel rod, you won’t find Tottels™ towels laying around the bathroom, and it means fewer trips to the washing machine. The adjustable snap buttons help ensure that the towel is always available and always within reach to children of any size.

The kids love having their delightfully detailed “special” towel which is always waiting for them and always stays put. Mom loves it because it means less dirty towels to pick up and wash, and the bathroom always looks tidy!

Promote good hygiene, reduce laundry, eliminate mess - all in a snap!

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P.O. Box 7074 • Chicago, Illinois 60680-7074
Contact: Neeta Tvelil
Phone: (773) 531-5866


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