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Fall Into Line for Spring 2013 and Immediate Buys

Fall means spring for children’s buyers looking forward to the new year. Most will get a jump on the buying at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY on October 14th-17th, as the largest show in the nation for juvenile product manufacturers and retailers celebrates its 10th anniversary! The event showcases everything from ABC to Z for families and children from maternity through the early school years.

With most toddlers using sippy cups at least some of the time, there’s bound to be some daycare and playdate confusion about which one belongs to which child. This is a genuine concern, not just because of the inevitable tantrums that would ensue should the little ones realize the mix-up, but because of the transfer of germs. Baby Face Band enables parents to easily personalize their baby’s sippy cups in a way that’s both effective and super-cute. The company was launched in 2010 by momprenuer Laura Black, and has been making steady progress ever since, thanks to a wonderfully simple product that makes parents’ lives a bit easier.

The diversity of businesses that offer juvenile products made in the U.S.A. is broad, but each has the same interests at heart. It’s for the kids. A few of the companies that have made the commitment are The Fig Orchard, Heather Hill Clothing, Funkie Baby and Nest Designs. Their products range from beautiful hair accessories and designer clothing to baby necessities and organic one-pieces. All are proud to proclaim, “Made in America.”

Naperville, IL (August 27, 2012) – Heading back to school just got more exciting with the newest member of the Itzy Ritzy product line – Lunch Happens™ Bento Lunch Box. This news comes with the recent acquisition of BrightBin, LLC by Itzy Ritzy.

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A new mom’s back gets tired for many reasons: c-section pain, carrying the new baby, toting gear, and from repetitive feeding at awkward angles. With frequent feeding intervals, the back pain can interfere with daily participation in her child’s life. Enter the Momby Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Support. This revolutionary product replaces the soft breastfeeding pillow with supportive materials and an ergonomic design to reduce back stress and make feeding easier for mom and baby. Momby can even help lessen the painful issues of colic and reflux.

As retailers, it’s hard to ignore the green revolution. More young families are demanding natural, organic or sulfate-free products. Nowhere has “clean and green” been more in demand than in cleaning products. New parents need the strongest stuff on the market to clean up the messes, but want those products to be safe and gentle as well. It isn’t easy for retailers to wade through the growing waters of products marked “natural” or “organic,” so we’ve helped out a bit and feature a few favorite brands: BuggyLOVE, Better Life, Dapple and Fresh Wave.

For many customers, God is present in all aspects of their daily lives, making them appreciate visual reminders of God’s goodness. Retailers can tap into the spiritual needs of customers by offering brands that inspire, with a lively spirit of practicality and fun. Dedicating and reflecting a family’s faith on baby’s clothes and other items is a way parents celebrate and give witness to their beliefs. Products from LittleDisciples, Wee Believers, Band Angels and Dicksons, Inc., proclaim a Christian message.

The New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) will be held at the Javits Center August 18-22, 2012. The NYIGF is produced twice annually by GLM Shows and is open to the trade only. Held in January and August in New York City, the Fair hosts 2800 exhibiting companies showcasing lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum. Baby & Child presents 150 resources of innovative, functional and fun products for babies, toddlers, kids and their families. Toys, apparel, accessories, furnishings, gear and juvenile décor will be on display. Box Play for Kids, good seeds, Kiddidoo and Beyond123 will be some of the many brands showing off their product lines.

It’s never too early to cheer a favorite team on to victory! That’s the lesson Baby Fanatic founder and ardent sports fan Tricia Woodson learned when she needed a baby gift for another sports-wild mom and couldn’t find anything that met her needs. Faster than you can say “win/win,” Woodson developed a line of licensed baby products. Today, Baby Fanatic is the exclusive manufacturer of officially licensed baby goods for all NFL and MLB teams. Plus they license products for over forty colleges, so even the youngest member of the family can display their team spirit.

Icky Baby has been creating “Fashionable Solutions to Life’s Icky Situations” for 10 years and has recently introduced a new line of Icky Eco Disposables, a collection of simple products that are sure to make life with sticky, messy babies and toddlers much easier. Icky Baby understands that messes are a part of everyday life with kids and that parents often don’t have the energy to meticulously spot clean every item of clothing and accessory. Icky products have modern style and are disposable, a rare combination in the current children’s market. Taking it one step further, the disposable items are also biodegradable, making them eco-friendly.

Kidz On Safari is a North American-based company designed to bring the African Safari experience to the Western world. Kidz On Safari realizes that very few North American children have the opportunity to go on an African safari. They want to give these children a chance to vicariously enjoy such an adventure, and interact with their favorite animals in the comfort and safety of their own home. Their casual eco-friendly clothing, plush toys, educational DVDs and music CDs provide an immersive global experience that opens children’s eyes to the diverse wildlife and experience of an African safari.

Many parents care about packing a healthy lunch for their kids, but don’t think about what they’re packing it in. News on the dangers of plastic keeps piling up. Health risks associated with vinyl and aluminum further fuel anxiety. The fuss, furor and lack of eco-friendly containers on the market inspired Sandra Ann Harris to found ECOlunchbox, and provide a lunch-packing approach that is free of plastic, lead, BPA, PVC and vinyl. The company’s solution was to manufacture nifty stainless steel food containers packed in handmade cotton lunch bags.