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ABC Kids Expo - Louisville, Kentucky (10/13/12 - 10/17/12)

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the ABC Kids Expo seemed to have more special events and celebrations than ever, including the Maternity Row ABC Runway Show; the JPMA 50th Anniversary Innovation Awards; a Town Meeting to introduce Brixy, the new retailer association; a celebratory ABC Breakfast to honor those that have attended every Expo; and the Industry Party that rocked 4th Street Live. A few of the brands that captured the attention of The Giggle Guide’s Leesa Valentino included Sili, Neon Tiki Tribe, Okkatots, and Kidsme.

In our trend-centric world, it is vital to be flexible. What looked good on Thursday can feel old-hat by the following Monday, so products that can be re-imagined are bound to have a following. With write-on/wipe off duvet covers and pillowcases from Doodle by Stitch, changeable hair personality via Infinity Bands and Flying Buttress handbags that can take on a new persona with a simple panel snap, making changes is part of the game. Life is never dull when styles can easily be updated, giving accessories a new look and enabling girls to be totally “with it” in ways to suit themselves and their ever-changing personalities.

If there’s any trend that transcends time and gender, it’s this: kids like to pretend they’re a superhero. Now parents don’t have to safety pin a towel to their children’s shirts or allow them to wear their Halloween costumes throughout the year to make that dream come true. They can simply send a child off to school with a backpack or lunch bag with just the kind of super-secret transformative properties possessed by all the great superheroes. Let your customers be a superhero to their own kids at home by offering SuperME products in your store.

The new Dr. Seuss “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” collection is currently shipping, right in time for the holidays! Featured on Bumkins Superbibs, Sleeved Bibs, Junior Bibs, Junior Apron, Splat Mat/Tablecloth and Reusable Tote these items are PVC, BPA, phthalates and lead free; waterproof and machine-washable. This print, which debuted at ABC Kid’s Expo in October 2012 has proven to be a bit hit among retailers and consumers alike.

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In case you missed out on the September 25th mompreneur episode of HLN’s Making It In America (featuring our very own Kelly Douglas!),
you can view it here.…

Appearing on Vinnie Politan’s new show, Itzy Ritzy CEO Kelly Douglas remarked, “Vinnie has a great energy and it was cool to share screen time with the lovely Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms. She offers a great resource for business women and aspiring entrepreneurs, so be sure to sign up for the informative newsletter.”

ABC Show Specials!

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Itzy Ritzy’s super-selling snack bags have become collectible. Stock these limited edition holiday fabrics and watch them fly off the shelves like witches on broomsticks! Perfect for classroom parties, Halloween Treats, school or day care, shoppers won’t want to miss these boo-tiful prints.

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Wham! Zam! Get a load of the A-MAZING monkeys and their pals on fresh and fun eating items from the workshop of Jane Jenni. The ten-inch cake stand shows a maze with adorable monkeys curling their tails while they figure out how to get into the action. The 16-ounce ceramic mugs are a perfect complement to the set for holding a cup of warm cocoa now that fall is in the air. A funky monkey adorns both a cup and an eight-inch birthday bowl that begs to welcome a dollop of ice cream.

Parents know all too well the familiar struggle of getting kids to sit and eat a healthy lunch. That struggle is intensified when one adds picky eaters to the mix. It’s hard enough at home, but when their little one starts packing a lunch for school mom and dad are not there to monitor, and are left to wonder if their child is just dumping that sandwich. One innovative mom took matters into her own hands and invented The Lunch Punch to encourage her three, energetic young boys to sit down and eat a healthy meal.

Itzy Ritzy is proud to announce the recent news that top Canadian company Fulton Sales will begin distributing Itzy Ritzy products effective immediately.

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Introduce shoppers to the easy-grip handles and silicone shapes that add up to oogaa, an ingenious line of feeding tools for little ones. Mealtime should be a pleasant time for all, which is exactly what these safe, silicone designs provide. All Oogaa products are heat resistant and can be used safely in the freezer, microwave and sterilizer. Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, parents use them with complete confidence, knowing that silicone feeding products do not support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria. In addition, the spoons are gentle on toddlers’ tender gums, and when an item drops on the floor nothing breaks!

Itzy Ritzy is back at the ABC Kids Expo with our trendy products that offer modern solutions for chic parents on the go. Along with our bestselling Snack Happened™ Reusable Snack Bags, we are proud to showcase the newest members of the Itzy Ritzy line:

Lunch Happens™ Bento Lunch Box:

  • Everything is in its place with our new double-decker lunch box. Pre-measured compartments leave space for veggies, fruit, sandwiches and the occasional sweet treat.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for school, picnics, travel
  • Built-in handle