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This year we are focusing on 16 select designs for our garment sets which include onesies, tanks, diaper covers, blankets, and pillows. Check out our awesome new designs for this year the “Rock Star Guitar” and “Rock Diva”. We are really excited about these two designs. We also have ornaments that will match the 16 garment designs. Check us out at the shows for more details: AmericasMart Atlanta, NY Baby & Kids @ 7W, Dallas Market Center, and LA Mart.

Julie Windsor of Beat Street in Winnetka Il

The Chicago Market: Living and Giving® is proud to announce the December 2009 Retailer of the Month honoree. The ROTM program is designed to acknowledge exceptional retailers who are making a difference in the gift industry, as well as to provide inspiration to other retailers who can benefit from the winners’ stories.

Congratulations to the January 2010 Retailer of the Month, Julie Windsor of Beat Street in Winnetka, IL.

Contact: The Chicago Market / (312) 527-7600
Living and Giving® to host twitter raffle at the January Market, Jan 21-27th, 2010

CHICAGO (December, 2009) - The Chicago Market: Living and Giving® will once again offer attendees an exciting opportunity to stream show content live, in real-time, directly from the show floors every day. Inspired by the broad reach of social networking and the convenience of real-time conversation, The Chicago Market encourages its showrooms, exhibitors, buyers, retailers and sales reps to micro-blog through before, during and after its upcoming January Market, January 21-27, 2010.

Contact: Victoria Kent / (312) 527-7708

When enterprising mothers have a meeting of the minds, their creative ideas can become a reality. Barefoot Books is an outstanding example of this. Barefoot Books makes it a priority to provide media for children that instills a love for the earth, teaches deep respect for diversity, and feeds thriving imaginations. By embracing writers, artists, story weavers, and musicians who create fun-filled, global journeys for children, this independent book company offers families many sensational opportunities to explore the world through rich colors, charming illustrations, and original story lines.

Help Retailers Make The Most of Marketing In the New Era.

The California Gift Show® is proud to announce that Caroline Kennedy, Editor of Gifts & Decorative Accessories will lead the keynote presentation entitled “Marketing in the New Media Era” at this year’s January Market, on Saturday, January 16.

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State-of-the-art rocking chairs and gliders from Southeastern Kids, Monte Design Group and Best Home Furnishings are designed to soothe both parent and child with gentle, relaxing, repetitive motion. These modern rockers exude craftsmanship and feature stylish upholstery options to pamper their occupants. With a wide variety of designs and colors available for living rooms, dens and nurseries, these chairs are perfect for nursing moms, dads, and grandparents looking to relax and bond with their young ones.

Bill Cook is known as the “Bullfrog” of Frogs Frills and Daffodils, a unique children’s clothing company with an equally non-traditional approach to design, brand collections, merchandising and sales strategy. Together with his wife and designer Mary, these grandparents have brought an original and successful approach to specialty stores that want to do business in a different, and for many, a better way. Innovations include $100 minimum orders, no pre-packs, and mix-and-match combo orders for styles, brands, and seasons.

In the spirit of sharing the Good News, Christians from every denomination are moved to carry Christ’s message of love and peace into their daily lives, and especially to their young children. 80% of Americans believe in God, and 60% consider themselves to be Christians. With numbers like that, the Christian market can provide retailers with a good following, if they carry a selection of Christian-based products for children.

7 W New York® Gift & Home Textiles Market Week®: - New York City, New York (1/29/10 - 2/4/10)

7 W New York’s first annual NYC Baby & Kids Fair, January 30 - February 1, 2010, promises to be an exciting new event with inspiring and business-enhancing keynote presentations from industry experts. The fair, on the building’s 11th floor, will coincide with three key days of the 7 W Winter Gift and Home Textiles Market®, offering an added value and mutual benefit to exhibitors and attendees of both shows.

Premature infants benefit from an extra special dose of tender love and care, as well as some unique products to help with their special needs. In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month, and the The March of Dimes’ efforts, The Giggle Guide® recognizes the following companies who offer products designed to help small infants, with special attention to the needs of preemies: Mommy’s Little Helpers, Comfort Silkie,Itzy Ritzy, TummyTubs and AvaBaby’s.

Deciding where to spend my advertising dollars used to be so simple. Print or more print? In fact, back in the day (sometime around the Cretaceous period), I worked with three national print publications and called it a day. My phone rang off the hook. I was living in La-La land and didn’t even know it.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are emitted from cell phones, microwaves, televisions, computer monitors, household appliances and many other common sources. We’re all exposed to EMFs on a daily basis and concern over the potential health effects of such exposure is on the rise. Some experts content that EMFs can increase the risk of various birth defects and have other detrimental effects on fetal development. That is why the doctors and scientists working at Protec Maternity Wear LLC have designed maternity blouses that help protect both pregnant woman and fetuses from the potential risks of EMFs.