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Melissa Sachse, founder, entrepreneur, and mother, understands how important it is to surround your child with the most comfortable and affordable clothing possible. As we all know, putting a child in uncomfortable, scratchy outfit can lead to a miserable day for child and parent. Melissa has created a line of clothing and accessories that will please the child’s senses and still give the parent’s stylish clothing for the families on the go.

A few weeks ago I wrote about key factors that influence why sales reps choose to represent your brand.

Those factors include:
• Good marketing; Branding
• Exclusivity of product
• Appropriate price points
• Focus
• “It” factor

Those points focus on your product. Some other key points that influence why a rep might work with you, or might continue to work with you, focus on, well… you.

The Rep Relationship

I often receive phone calls from people in the kid’s industry. Usually from recruiters, sales managers, entrepreneurs or moms soliciting advice and ostensibly, building their network. These callers speed through the “niceties” portion of the call and, after their lightning-fast self-introduction, I often don’t know the name of who’s calling me, or why they’re calling.

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Retail Reality celebrates Baby Frenzy, a family-owned retail store in El Toro, Californiam run by Linda and Michal Byerline. The store is the public side of a cloth diapering manufacturer, Happy Heineys, that operates an upstairs manufacturing facility. The combination retailer/supplier educates local parents about the environmental and financial benefits of cloth diapering and other natural parenting methods, and the products available today that help save green in both the pocketbook and the environment! A growing trend has emerged where manufacturers of all sizes are exploring the options of retailing and wholesaling. We were happy to discover Baby Frenzy and Happy Heineys! Who do you know that combines both worlds successfully?

Behind The Brand” gets personal with Knuckleheads’ “head” designer Melissa Nash. The popular active boy’s brand is a little bit retro and a lot rad. Melisa shares the success story of her family business and previews what’s up for Knuckleheads for Spring ‘10.

Over the last decade or so, I have noticed a very discernible pattern. It seems that our primary target demographic, moms, has embraced technology with a fervor, becoming one of the most prolific and powerful groups on the Internet…yet those of us on the ‘commerce’ side, (retailers and vendors), have for the most part seriously lagged behind. Before we can move forward, we must understand where we’ve been, and why we were there.

I spent this past weekend with my family and while I intended to write a blog about networking, it never happened. Instead, as the weekend progressed, I thought a lot about the funny things my family says that have turned into our own personal catch phrases. I thought I’d share some of our family favorites with you today.

Mom: “I’m a little chilly.” (usually said when everyone else is sweating bullets)

Dad: “What?” (whenever anyone tells a joke related to being hard of hearing, which he is)

Before I start this blog, I want to note that I will be moving my weekly blog to this location on the Giggle Guide. Being involved with social media since 2003, I can honestly say that it is about time that a platform like The Giggle Guide has finally come to be. I urge everyone involved in the various related trades and industries to jump in with both feet and get involved!

kokopax featured on the NBC affiliate program, “Wake Up With The Wagners.”

kokopax featured on the NBC affiliate program, “Wake Up With The Wagners.” Watch the founder and mom tester, Teala Warga with daughter Katherine, demonstrate the ease and functionality of the carrier. View the video here: kokopax on KVBC-TV

Contact: kokopax / (702) 795-4140

Lately I get calls almost daily asking me to rep a line. Most often, my answer is “No Thanks,” followed by a genuine “Good Luck!” This response leaves a lot of frustrated designer/manufacturers out there who often hang up the phone maybe feeling a little bitter at yet another refusal.

Looking for great ways to grow your bottom line? Then look for the new Chic and Minky Clean Shopper lines at the Dallas Show! We’ll be in the Larry Lucas Showroom (Suite 8301) as well as in RBA (Suite 2999). Scoop up Minky Clean Shopper, Blanket and Burper gift sets or stock up on Chic prints!