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Just a few long weeks ago, I found myself seemingly “without a job!” Was I suddenly one of those people I hear about every day? Visions of bread lines danced in my head. The news clobbered me (“not due to performance!”) on a Tuesday, just before April Fool’s. So, no one was joking. The very next day I got up and went to work on my new job - finding my next great opportunity! I pushed the negativity down that nagged, “What are you going to DO!?” And went to work on selling me and expecting the best.

At the grocery store, my wife and I try to use our own recycled bags for both fresh and frozen foods. But the baggers have not been trained much beyond “paper or plastic?” We’ve been giving them some gentle instructions about putting frozen foods in the insulated bags we provide. On seeing that the teen bagger was not up-to-speed about how to use recycled bags, the checker said to my wife, “What do you expect, they’re teenagers!” And what does she expect we think about her demeaning the young worker in front of a customer? Was she representing the store brand?

Several years ago, I attended a retail association’s meeting prior to the start of a national trade show. The leaders had gotten the names of every first-time exhibitor at the event. Each buyer picked one name out of a hat. They were asked to go to that exhibitor first thing and thank them for attending the show. The idea that retailers thanked a manufacturer for supporting a trade show struck me as a practice that truly recognizes the time, money and effort that manufacturers expend when they participate in a trade show.

Too bad there’s not a GPS system that gives you easy directions on exactly where to advertise to reach your buyers. Or is there? Like in the old days when you had to pull over and ask someone for directions, just ask any children’s retailer! “What trade source do you read or use?.” Ask buyers at shows and make some random calls. Ask your reps and suppliers. Search the Internet. Their first answer is a good indication of where you should put your advertising dollars. Take their direction and get more mileage out of your budget!

At a trade show for Spring 2009 collecttions several months ago, I overheard two buyers complain, “I did not buy enough in March ‘08 and I could have sold more this Fall!” Last year, these retailers were among the many that were worried about the economy, mainly as it related to fuel prices. Things seemed uncertain and buyers started to become more cautious. A few months later, we had more than ever to worry about! Some retailers ended up not having enough product on their shelves so they actually lost business. We are in the peak of buying season for Fall 2009 product.

Retail Reality” looks behind the scenes at Magic Beans in Brookline, Massachusetts. Sheri Gurock spills the beans on what makes their operation so unique and successful. Magic Beans, with three bright and whimsical locations, is the destination for expecting parents in the greater Boston area.

Artemix Fashion is a hip, funky brand of limited edition, airbrushed shirts for kids. Artemix Fashion was created by Tina Klideris. Since 1998 Tina has been creating quality products and services. She began with a private label makeup line and has evolved into body art, tattoos and clothing. She was featured by Us Weekly magazine in 2004.

Have you been looking for coordinating mother-daughter apparel? If so, your search ends here. Amanda Boyd, former designer for the Janie and Jack children’s collection of clothes has created a beautiful, high-end line of mommy-daughter matching special occasion dresses. Amanda launched Adore La Vie to fill the void of matching apparel for mothers and daughters. Amanda designs and creates her dresses utilizing 100% silk fabrics, making these dresses heirloom quality. The line is manufactured in the USA.

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”
I was amazed to learn that this is a quote from Thomas Jefferson! Every ad salesman knows of an account that has stopped advertising, due to the economy. With daylight savings here once again, it is good to ponder the penny-wise wisdom of how we can really save both time and money.

J. Austin Ryan was created by artist and illustrator, Marnie Vollenhals. At a young age Marnie was born with natural talent, she even still has her kindergarten award “ Most Artistic”. Growing up in Southern California definitely gave Marnie her own unique style.

Contact: Marnie Vollenhals / (817) 521-3523

Elegant Baby® understands that babies deserve style just as fresh as they are! This marvelous collection of luxurious baby products is full of bold new colors and spectacular new designs. Even their traditional heirlooms have a newly minted gleam. Baby’s first bank? There’s a polka-dotted piggy - or a silver-plated helicopter. Baby’s first cup? Here’s a striped sippy - or a sterling silver mug. Baby’s first outfit? Try a classic cable knit - or camouflage. Whether it’s contemporary or classic, Elegant Baby® creates high-style, high-quality design.

Contact: Elegant Baby / (336) 227-6202
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These recycled, ECO-Friendly leather shoes let young feet walk happy while reducing our impact on the environment!

Kalispell, MT – Pedoodles® launches an ECO-Friendly shoe collection made from recycled materials. These shoes are constructed with ECO-Friendly premium leather remnants from furniture. The shoes will hit the market in June.

Contact: Pedoodles / (406) 755-6430