Elegant Baby - from past to future

Elegant Baby® understands that babies deserve style just as fresh as they are! This marvelous collection of luxurious baby products is full of bold new colors and spectacular new designs. Even their traditional heirlooms have a newly minted gleam. Baby’s first bank? There’s a polka-dotted piggy - or a silver-plated helicopter. Baby’s first cup? Here’s a striped sippy - or a sterling silver mug. Baby’s first outfit? Try a classic cable knit - or camouflage. Whether it’s contemporary or classic, Elegant Baby® creates high-style, high-quality design.

Elegant Baby® was born in Burlington, North Carolina in 1984, the brainchild of Fred V. Hooper. Its parent company, Baby Needs, Inc., created by Hooper in 1967 as a full service distributor of baby/nursery items for mass merchants, sold products labeled as “Grow Time.” When the baby market started to contract in the mid-80’s, Hooper realized it was time to focus on the higher end of his industry, and launched Elegant Baby®. His new venture grew to become the premier source for stylish baby gifts and accessories, supplying children’s shops, gift boutiques and department stores throughout the United States.

Fast forward to 2002: Elegant Baby® is ripe for reinvention, and son Yates Hooper takes command. His years of experience in the international fashion industry had honed his ability to forecast trends, endorsed his willingness to take risks, and polished his unique aesthetic. Determined to reenergize his family’s business and explore new markets, he directs his creative team to update the product mix, using lush new colors and graphics pulled from the worlds of fashion and interior design. He revamps the media campaign with a catalog full of gorgeous models using Elegant Baby® products in sumptuous surroundings. Finally, he debuts a dazzling website befitting a global brand, www.elegantbaby.com.

Hooper’s vision of a fashion-forward, fun, sophisticated baby product company shines through every facet of Elegant Baby®’s transformation. In the midst of an uncertain economy, this family-owned American business is thriving once again, creating whimsical, stylish products for elegant babies around the world.

“Being ready and willing to change is crucial during these challenging times. We’re constantly tweaking our line, introducing new product more often than ever before. The collection has taken off in a really exciting direction, but we’re still honoring tradition,” says Hooper, “We’re going to make sure Elegant Baby® offers the best of both worlds - the old and the new.”

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