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Henderson, Nevada-based kokopax®, debuts at retailers nationwide beginning June 1 with a range of fashionable and lightweight classic baby carriers, coordinating totes, sun hats and organic accessories.

New kokopax Lightweight Carrier Combines Fashion, Function and Freedom

You’ve decided you want a sales rep and you’ve decided you’re ready for one too. The next step is defining what sort of sales rep you should hire. I’m using the word “hire” pretty loosely here… If you want to work with an independent sales rep, both of you create a contractual relationship rather than an employer/employee relationship. You don’t typically pay an independent sales rep benefits or withhold taxes from her commission check. If the relationship ends, the sales rep won’t receive unemployment benefits. These are some of the legal reasons why sales reps are independent.

Just for fun, here’s a list of commonly used acronyms. Many are specific to the kid’s industry. Some are general business terms. A few are just for fun.

Your task? Define all these acronyms correctly, including the bonus questions. Post your answer in The Giggle Guide “Comments” section. The first respondent with a perfect score will receive a Baby Prize Pack from LJBryn&Co. including: Doctor T’s Super Goop SPF 30 organic sunscreen, Scout Baby Organics bodysuit and an Itzy Ritzy wet bag.

The winner, and all correct answers, will be announced next week.

  1. SBO
  2. COB
  3. ROI

I’m going to tell you flat out that if you’ve designed a tee shirt line and have a collection of 6 or 8 tees that have done pretty well when you’ve sold them at your local Mom2Mom or craft show, you’re not ready for a rep—yet. How can you get your line ready for a rep, and the increased sales that go hand in hand?

Visual merchandising. More than an arrangement of signs and products. To increase sales, engage more senses. Create an experience. Satisfy needs, but generate wants. The Giggle Guide™ provides display tips for retailers and manufacturers. In stores, or at trade events, what you see and hear matters. Create attention grabbers Generate buzz. Turn window shopping into increased sales! What customers see, hear and touch influences what they get!

You had a great idea to design and manufacture a line. You’ve sold it to a few stores in your neck of the woods. You’ve even gone to a few regional trade shows, or retail expos, and your line sold pretty well, so you forge ahead with plans to expand.

And now you can hardly keep up… Stores are calling you for re-orders but you’re on the other line and miss the call. You’re so busy dealing with supply, manufacturing and design details, you don’t have time to promote and sell your line anymore, much less follow-up with existing accounts.

The Giggle Guide® takes a look at changes in cotton diapers! We discover the real scoop on the cloth vs. disposable debate, and find some of the “cons” about cloth are just a lot of poop. Learn more of the facts about the budgetary and environmental benefits of cloth diapering. Retailers could help their bottom line by offering a selection of cotton diapering products for your eco-responsible customers.

Want to relate to tweenagers? The Giggle Guide™ talks to Kristen Taylor about Juvie, her shop dedicated to all things tween. She makes shopping for this niche group easier. Here’s a Retail Reality check on this special market. It’s challenges, strategies, key brands, marketing tips and successes. Juvie shows how being cool can become a hot spot for pre-teens … and their parents!

Polar Mountain”

I am so excited to be getting my art into Hong Kong! Linea Negra Maternity is the name of the store. They sell high end maternity clothes and for baby as well. They have recently been adding other products to the store and I’m so happy to be one of them. The pictures above are a few of what they purchased. The shipment is ready and going today…well, it’s been ready and finally UPS is picking it up today.

On to the next and off to paint
- Marnie V.

I have always heard the advice, “Do what you love!” As a partner in a successful ad agency and marketing director at Earnshaw’s, I often got to do what I maybe kinda liked. At least I knew I was using some of my G-given talents. I have always been drawn to the creative side of marketing, primarily on the word side (since I found out in high school I could not draw well enough to be commercial).

The Children’s Show at Deerfield - Deerfield, Illinois (3/28/09 - 3/31/09)

The March 28-31, 2009 Deerfield Children’s Show reported a significant increase in sales and attendance over the March 2008 show.

Buyers from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin attended this growing regional children’s show located just north of Chicago, IL.

Show management is ecstatic with the growth of the show. Buyers are thrilled with the depth of price points and brands offered for boutiques and stores specializing in gift, toys, clothes, maternity, infant, juvenile or “green” merchandise.

New Product Line Extends to Pet Enthusiasts!

Spring 2009: Snapping at the heels of the French Clippy® introduction last fall comes yet another No Slippy® innovation: the “Pooch Clippy®”! Creating for the canine contingent makes perfect sense to Annie Salyer, dog lover and President/CEO of No Slippy®.

“No Slippy Clips® have been used as clips for dogs for several years now,” reveals Salyer, “Following the success of our magnetic pinch clip, it was natural for us to extend into this $40 multibillion dollar market by adding two more clips.”

Contact: No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc. / (925) 846-8570
Media Inquiry: MaryLenore Arsenault / (615) 460-7485