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Bath time for children is a great opportunity for some good clean fun. Toss a pair of Grippees™ or MiniMitts™ from BellyLaf in the tub and you’re sure to make a splash. The Giggle Guide® is tickled to share these bath time helpers designed for parents and children to rub-a-dub with safety and style, while helping a worthy cause at the same time!

When enterprising mothers have a meeting of the minds, their creative ideas can become a reality. Barefoot Books is an outstanding example of this. Barefoot Books makes it a priority to provide media for children that instills a love for the earth, teaches deep respect for diversity, and feeds thriving imaginations. By embracing writers, artists, story weavers, and musicians who create fun-filled, global journeys for children, this independent book company offers families many sensational opportunities to explore the world through rich colors, charming illustrations, and original story lines.

Allergy Apparel makes it their business to look out for children with allergies. The company offers hypersensitive youth a selection of hip shirts and hoodies that sport sassy skulls and crossbones, together with reminders that one kid’s food is another kid’s poison! By promoting allergy awareness in schools, hospitals and daycares through advocacy and informative books and guides, Allergy Apparel has become more than just a line of clothing — it’s a constant reminder to help parents and caregivers avoid potentially life-threatening situations.

Krazy Ketchup is revolutionizing America’s favorite condiment by making it healthier! This ketchup includes a special blend of 100% organic veggie purees to its velvety tomato blend: certified organic carrot, organic sweet potato, and organic squash which creates a kid-friendly, nutrient-rich mouth explosion that is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

Colors can affect mood and reflect our personalities, both in what we wear and the palette chosen in our homes. Using paint, we can enhance our living environments with an endless spectrum of hues, and the classic white walls of the past are becoming awash in a myriad of color. Color is therapeutic. Studies show, for example, that spending just 15 minutes in a pink room can noticeably reduce depression, while green can significantly reduce levels of anxiety.

Hammocks bring to mind images of lazy summer afternoons spent swinging in the breeze, sipping a cool drink with a good book. Curiously, the origins of the hammock go way back in history. Some credit the ancient Greeks with its invention, while others point to the early inhabitants of the Amazon Basin. The Mayans knew that the hammock is an ideal sleep system for an infant because it surrounds the baby, simulating the mother’s womb, as it naturally responds to the child’s movement. The Giggle Guide® surveys this alternative sleep system for babies, with selections from Hushamok, Kanoe and Mama Little Helper.

Funny-face animals, bold shapes and bright colors are all part of the whimsical palette used by Norway-based Tyler Trends to entertain and comfort kids. This family-owned business offers high-quality children’s tee collections at affordable prices. Anette Tyler, the designer-mom of Tyler Trends, takes inspiration from her son and daughter who love her animal faces in bright, solid shades. In addition to one-piece shirts for infants, the collection includes long and short-sleeved shirts for ages up to 6 years old.

It’s a fact of life… something that can’t be avoided… and something rarely discussed unless it’s diaper time. Everybody’s poop smells! The clever people at Poo-pouri are in business because of everyone’s dirty “business.” They have achieved the sweet smell of success by eliminating those not so sweet odors with an arsenal of aromatic essential oil combinations designed specifically to capture the stench and odor before it permeates the air.

Bill Cook is known as the “Bullfrog” of Frogs Frills and Daffodils, a unique children’s clothing company with an equally non-traditional approach to design, brand collections, merchandising and sales strategy. Together with his wife and designer Mary, these grandparents have brought an original and successful approach to specialty stores that want to do business in a different, and for many, a better way. Innovations include $100 minimum orders, no pre-packs, and mix-and-match combo orders for styles, brands, and seasons.

Did you know there is an estimated 5-6 billion pounds of pre-consumer cotton remnants being thrown into our landfills every year? Fortunately, as a nation, we are becoming more and more environmentally aware. Today we recycle our bottles and cans, plastic containers and cardboard — but isn’t there more we can do? Is it possible to recycle or re-use fashion? Yes there is, and yes you can! Here are some children’s wear companies that are making this change for the better, through passion and innovation.

Smooth lines, versatility, comfort, functional grace, and durability that promises to stand the test of time and toddlers — these all describe the HandySitt high chair system by Minui. This Danish design is a well-constructed seating solution that lets children to enjoy the security and comfort of a high chair, with the functionality and ease of a portable seat.

When Carol Yenne’s grandson was born prematurely, weighing only 2 lbs 11 oz, this San Francisco granny realized it was time to make hard-to-find preemie outfits readily available for other families. At her store, Small Frys, she now offers a variety of sweet clothing collections, designed for babies weighing 2 pounds and up. The preemie collections are from Coccoli, Kissy Kissy Preemie, Petite Bateau and Le Top. At Small Frys, they know that when babies come early, having comforting little outfits can make a big difference.