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Finding children’s products manufactured in the United States can be difficult. Luckily, the book Made Here, Baby!, by Bruce H. Wolk, does exactly that. The Giggle Guide® found five companies featured in the book that have been operating in the United States for more than 100 years: Fexible Flyer, Amana Woolen Mill, The Original American Kazoo Company, Johnson Woolen Mills and Whitney Brothers.

Parents understand that active children are best outfitted in playwear. They want comfortable, care-free clothing that will hold up to daily adventures and occasional mishaps. However, children also sweat. Perspiration retained by clothing can be uncomfortable and lead to heat-related conditions, including heat exhaustion. As children are more sensitive to these conditions, breathable fabrics become important. The Giggle Guide® spotlights a few manufacturers that use special sweat wicking materials – Agoo Apparel, Outside Baby, and Engel Natur.

Blamtastic is an innovative new line of lip balms, launched by two super-sisters, Lily and Melanie Sandler, and their mom Retha who decided to forgo the questionable synthetic ingredients of traditional lip protectants in exchange for some wholesome goodness. Lily and Melanie know what kids, and their mom’s, like best. The Giggle Guide® applauds enterprising youth, as we give our word-of-mouth recommendation to Blamtastic.

Spotlightbaby provides a variety of developmental tools and eco-friendly products to help babies reach their full potential. Founded in 2006 by Judy Kang, an occupational therapist specializing in infant and toddler development, the company has also made a point of paying its success forward. This encouraging combination makes Spotlightbaby a company worthy of our “spotlight.”

The joy and excitement of being a new mother often comes with some unwanted side effects. Aches, pains, fatigue and mood swings can set in trying to steal the show. The Giggle Guide® hopes to take the edge off by sharing some helpful product discoveries aimed at soothing, calming and comforting new moms and their little bundles of joy. These products could easily become essentials for the first year of motherhood. Introducing The Cozy Collection, Breast Buddies, Spa La La Hot and Cold Packs, and Mommy and Baby™ Calming Aromatherapy Oil.

Turning into an environmentally-conscious green machine is more fun than ever before with House of Mongrel kid’s apparel! Fun-loving designs featuring robots, rockets, animals, aliens, peace-lovin’ slogans and fairy tale icons ensure that these high-quality, eco-friendly fashion statements will have no trouble rocking the world toward a better tomorrow.

Parents of premature infants face a tough challenge in finding clothes small enough to fit their tiny newborns, and many even resort to buying doll clothes for their early arrivals. Unfortunately, a preemie’s skin is not fully developed and often doll clothing is too rough, causing skin irritation. Luckily, retailers now have the option of offering beautiful, soft, high-quality apparel that is sized properly for these precious infants. Kudos to these manufacturers who understand, and help satisfy, the needs of preemies including Early Birds, Anna’s Preemie, Preemie-Yums and Chuckleberries.

Consumers today are becoming increasingly interested in products that are environmentally safe and socially responsible. Of course, when young children are also involved, these concerns become especially heightened. New parents generally feel responsible for everything their children touch or ingest. As such, the importance of green certification for children’s products is on the rise. Obtaining certification allows companies to advertise their products as environmentally safe, and tells consumers that the companies care about the planet and their customers’ well-being. In this installment of The Green Scene, we’ll take a look behind the red tape of green certification and provide information on several reliable organic certification programs.

When Melanie Morgenthaler and her young family moved back to her childhood home in Maine, she went to work creating a place where parents and children could go to learn, play and bond together. She began offering music programs for children and soon after added a symphony of retail products to meet local demand. Melanie shares her story about blending love of family, music and sharing. Read on to discover how “plorking,” a word she coined, defines her business philosophy!

When Samantha Asay created Pukies — her comfortable, stain-resistant line of Soy Genius baby clothing with 30+SPF, a new era of sensibility in children’s fashion was born. Asay is at it again with her innovative spring/ summer 2010 collection called “Buggies.” The new Buggies collection, with Insect Shield, pairs the brilliance of the Soy Genius fabric with Insect Shield, creating the first and only infant and toddler apparel with built-in Insect Shield Protection.

Laura Woodland went from working at the New York Stock Exchange to taking stock of product needs for expectant moms, newborns and their siblings! Since its opening in March 2008, Ciao Belly has celebrated the great expectations and gift-giving opportunities for pregnancies, newborns and growing families. From its cute, Italian-inspired store name to its highly personal service, the store has become a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. Laura shares how her dream store was born, and why listening to her gut (belly?) made her a believer in the importance of location, location, location!

Jan Brett’s beloved children’s story, The Hat, chronicles a day in the life of an amusing hedgehog that pokes his nose into a knit sock and finds himself stuck. Wandering around the farmyard, he begins to view his hat as highly fashionable and important protection against the chilly air. His barnyard friends poke fun at his new look, but are soon drawn to the thought of wearing a hat themselves.