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Children's Club - New York, New York (8/2/09 - 8/4/09)

Children’s Club, representing the hottest trends in children’s fashion for Spring/Summer 2010, opened on Sunday at Pier 94 in New York City. As I made my way around the spacious show floor, I was thrilled to see that several exciting new companies have recently joined the Children’s Industry. I was also happily surprised to see quite a few established and loved icons returning to exhibit at Children’s Club after many years of absence. Here is a peek at some of the exhibitors participating in the show. A full show report will soon follow!

Bubble - Kids Trade Show - New York, New York (8/2/09 - 8/4/09)

The August Bubble Show opened on Sunday at beautiful Cedar Lake in Chelsea. The folks at Bubble did a phenomenal job in choosing a contemporary venue to showcase cutting-edge exhibitors. Upon scanning the show program, the first thing that stood out to me was the number of new companies exhibiting. It is exciting and encouraging to see so many new companies entering the industry during these tough economic times. Traffic was brisk on Sunday and many orders were being written. Enjoy the photos and check back for a full show report!

If you’ve ever been in a clutch to easily and cleanly change a baby in a public restroom you know it can be a mess in more ways than one! Time to get your clutches on the LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch! Lyssa Surface takes us behind her brand to reveal how a self-proclaimed “start-up” company goes from “I-wish-I had” to “have to have it!” She discovered a need. Found a solution. Then went to work on making her business dream a practical reality. Here’s some inspiration for all the entrepreneurs working toward bringing “the next best thing” to the children’s market. Sometimes, it just takes a mom!

Stuffed animals, books, crayons, and tiny plastic game pieces with no home all somehow manage to make their way into little one’s packing. You simply cannot leave the house without “those” three blocks — they are essential! Packing with and for kids can be a maddening experience. As part of The Giggle Guide’s™ ongoing Travel Series, we are exploring kids’ backpacks — perfect for overnight trips, sleepovers, day outings, and weekends at Grandma’s! We have found some backpacks that should be front and center!

I’d love to say I’ve been on vacation these past few weeks, but the truth is I’ve been doggedly focused on the final approval stages of our new eco-friendly, biodegradable, fully recyclable, and utterly adorable new packaging! Effective October 1st, the entire line of Original Clean Shopper shopping cart covers and Clean Diner highchair covers will be packaged in trendy, eco-friendly containers. We’ve just made the best value on the market even better!

The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market® - Atlanta, Georgia (7/8/09 - 7/15/09)

The Giggle Guide’s Editor and Co-Founder Leesa Valentino attended the recent Gift Show at AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia. She discovered so many peachy new products. Many of the showrooms and buyers she met were upbeat and excited about the current buying season. There was a lot more than traditional gifts on display. Since retailers keep hearing that “gifts are still selling strong,” they are seeing more potential in non-traditional gift categories that can be marketed for gift-giving, from apparel and fashion accessories through anything for baby, traditional or collectible. The South was certainly charmin’ buyers with new opportunities. Here’s Part 1 of The Giggle Guide’s hunt for “must-buys” in Atlanta showrooms…

Editorial Director’s Product Picks Here’s Part 2 of what caught my attention on a recent visit to the California Market Center, located in the heart of the garment district in downtown Los Angeles. The 6th floor is the showplace for everything in-fashion for children. Most of the permanent showrooms are members of the Kids on 6 co-op association. As you enter your open-to-buy season, make this a must-see destination. If buyers pick up a few new lines, they can reap a “gold mine” for their stores. You can also learn more about sales reps thru the easy-to-search Guide on The Giggle Guide™. Checking out sales rep showrooms in advance can help you plan your shopping itinerary. Tell them The Giggle Guide™ sent you! And let us know your discoveries!

How did diaper rash lead to the creation of BabyLegs? The Giggle Guide’s™ second story in its “Road To Success” series takes a look at Nicole Donnelly as she went from the slopes to the boardroom and gained international recognition for her brand of baby leggings. The award-winning collection of BabyLegs are now popular for babies and tweens. They are as fun and fashionable as they are warm and crazily cozy. Nicole’s success story gives us hope. Who can make their dreams come true with the next great idea?

  • Glitzy Gals Washable Nursing Pads™ are reusable, comfortable and luxurious!
  • Designer 100% cotton top layer lined with interior and bottom layers of absorbent, eco-friendly baby bamboo.
  • Bamboo is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, deodorizing and naturally wicks breast milk from skin.
  • 4 ⅝” in diameter - perfect size to do their job without adding bulk.
  • Say goodbye to itchy, expensive disposable nursing and breastfeeding pads!
  • Double up for heavy letdown or nighttime wear.
  • Six-piece box set
Contact: Brittany Sodora / (630) 839-9830

A growing concern for many parents and caregivers are the chemicals, such as BPA, that are found in many plastic children’s products. Such chemicals have been found to leech out of the plastics and cause a wide range of health problems when children are exposed to them over long periods of time. In response, there is a fast growing market of new products offering safe alternatives to plastics.

New products, many designed by concerned parents, are being produced to meet a growing demand. The Green Scene presents three companies that make safer new products for both children and our world: Silikids, Kid Konseve and SIGG.

The Giggle Guide™ surveyed 26 mothers, living throughout the United States and Canada, about today’s children’s market and the products they purchase. The third question in our exclusive series asks…

What are the key features you look for when purchasing children’s clothing?

Retail Reality celebrates Baby Frenzy, a family-owned retail store in El Toro, Californiam run by Linda and Michal Byerline. The store is the public side of a cloth diapering manufacturer, Happy Heineys, that operates an upstairs manufacturing facility. The combination retailer/supplier educates local parents about the environmental and financial benefits of cloth diapering and other natural parenting methods, and the products available today that help save green in both the pocketbook and the environment! A growing trend has emerged where manufacturers of all sizes are exploring the options of retailing and wholesaling. We were happy to discover Baby Frenzy and Happy Heineys! Who do you know that combines both worlds successfully?