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MAGIC Kids - Las Vegas, Nevada (8/31/09 - 9/2/09)

The apparel mega-show opened August 31 with a Disney Surprise Event in the Grand Lobby for Tea and a Mad Mad parade of licensing stars. For the adults, there was definitely a mixture of business and pleasure, with evening parties planned featuring Black Eyed Peas, an invitation-only concert by Kenny Chesney introducing his new Blue Chair Bay line, and S.L.A.T.E. Party at Hard Rock!

KidShow - Las Vegas, Nevada (8/31/09 - 9/2/09)

Denise Raeside, KidShow Manager, says in her welcome letter, “Buyers are buying albeit carefully, but they are buying and that is a good sign.” Energy, and positive hopes for Spring 2010 motivated buyers shopping over 300 brands at the KidShow’s opening day. Buyer traffic was strong, and many exhibitors were very upbeat about the number and volume of orders written. Not just looky-loos here! Famous children’s brands, as well as new brands, were busy meeting, greeting and doing business!

Thirsty for something really different that incorporates both the growing green trends and the popularity of personalization? Then set your sights on the latest bottles from I.D. Gear. A leader in personalized souvenirs and beverage containers, I.D. Gear has been producing quality, eye-catching merchandise for major amusement parks since 1978 and has recently expanded into the retail gift market with personalized namesake products for kids.

New and seasoned moms alike struggle with the demands of establishing and sustaining breastfeeding. While all moms must learn to adapt to breastfeeding, working moms are confronted with unique challenges. The market has expanded with products designed to tackle each individual challenge. The Giggle Guide™ spotlights some innovative products designed with key components to help working moms establish and maintain a fulfilling breastfeeding experience. Designed with comfort, ease, and practicality in mind, these products make nursing for career moms endlessly more enjoyable and realistic.

The air inside our homes and schools can be more toxic than the air outside! Why? Because the very materials and products we use to furnish and maintain our indoor environments can release hundreds of pollutants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ozone and even biological allergens.

The GREENGUARD Certified Mark on products, ranging from mattresses to fllooring, drywall to paint, offers peace of mind to parents seeking solutions to poor indoor air quality and chemical sensitivities. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI), considered one of the world’s foremost resources on indoor air quality, will be at The ABC Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 13-16, Booth 2135, in the Naturally Kids Pavilion.

So amongst everything else going on I’ve decided to add another product into my line…these adorable mobiles. They are made out of eco-friendly wood that hang from a simple rod, which then hangs directly from the ceiling. I am offering them in pinks, yellow/greens, blues, and orange tones(not shown). They are available now in the shop.
Back to shipping orders…have a great day. Marnie V.

It’s been said time and time again, but there’s no denying it — kids are the future. After all, children of today will be affecting the economy and politics of tomorrow — voting with both their ballots and wallets Now, Web sites, designed specifically for kids, provide parents with new tools to teach their kids green values. Crafts, Web games and environmental facts are all communicated through a cast of various green characters, complete with theme songs, colorful graphics, and yes – merchandise. Here’s a look at some our our favorites on the growing online greenscape: Planetpal, Scrap Kins and Treesures.

Bubble - Kids Trade Show - New York, New York (8/2/09 - 8/4/09)

The Bubble Kids Trade Show in New York was bursting with new collections for Spring/Summer 2010! Bubble is known for showcasing emerging brands and euro-inspired trends that set retailers apart, and this year was no different. The Giggle Guide™ attended Bubble and discoverd some lines that offer a classic sense of style, with a modern focus on comfort and social responsibility: Benny & Moon, Live with Love, Adooka Organics, and Chase ‘n Sky .

In addition to the fabulous new, eco-friendly packaging on our original line, we’re launching delicious new prints in our popular Chic line of Clean Shoppers and Clean Diners as well! And our Chic line comes complete with adorably trendy, reusable drawstring totes. We’ll be showing off our new Loop D Loop and Black & White prints at the September ABC show, so you can buy everything in time for the holidays! Visit us at the show, Booth #320, for a sneak peak at everything Chic!

Our frames by Posh Pics are original and made in the USA. The creative process begins with a splash of paint, random crackling and all over distressing. We go a little crazy with bows, metal crosses and fleur de lis, swarovski crystals and some bling here and there. Whether the frame you chose has some or all of these applications, the end result is a stylish, one-of-a-kind hand made piece. It’s perfect to enhance your photograph.

Contact: Pam or Georgia / (469) 964-2676
Bubble - Kids Trade Show - New York, New York (8/2/09 - 8/4/09)

New York, NY, August 6, 2009 - Bubble New York, the Kids Trade Show, hosted it 8th edition at Cedar Lake (547 West 26th Street) from August 2 thru August 4, 2009.

Ahh, the joys of teething. After just a few months of life, that sweet, cooing baby starts to fuss with teething pain. Teething babies will chew on anything within reach, including their mother’s favorite jewelry, to help relieve the pain. Most jewelry isn’t designed to stand up to this constant gnawing and can easily become damaged or pose safety risks to little ones. Knowing this, many mothers sadly put away their jewelry. Well, The Giggle Guide® thinks moms should keep their bling and provide baby with some comfort! We have found some of the most stylish and responsible lines of teething jewelry that moms can proudly wear both at home and out on the town. There are some great pieces for dads too!