The Gift of Art Appreciation Begins at Home

J. Austin Ryan

Children are naturally open to art and love to express themselves by painting, drawing, and sculpting with clay. They are also fascinated and inspired by the creations of others. Displaying artwork with appealing colors and content can help develop children’s early appreciation of art, and make a house feel like home. The Giggle Guide® looks to the heart of art from several brands that specialize in creations designed to delight and capture children’s imaginations. Our gallery includes engaging works from J. Austin Ryan, Queen of the Trailer Park, Renditions by Reesa, and Green Frog Art.

J. Austin Ryan Adds Artistic Flair

J. Austin Ryan
A new generation of artistic fancy grabs the heart and tickles the funny bone in the modern collection J. Austin Ryan. Marnie Vollenhals, the talented artist behind this imaginative collection, named the brand after her three active boys, Jacob, Ryan, and Austin. Marnie’s paintings are colorful, dynamic, and fresh, with an emphasis on clean lines and uplifting images. The collection includes pieces for boys’ rooms, girls’ rooms, and home décor, and all artwork is painted by hand in small batches and is signed by Marnie.

Parents will appreciate the creativity and versatility of this art that adds just the right finishing touch to a child’s bedroom or playroom. The addition of art at this quality is sure to be treasured for generations. Each piece captures the essence of hand-made originals, and grows in sentimental and artistic value throughout a family’s life. J. Austin Ryan art adds a unique and fresh look to any home or business, and enchants all art lovers, big and small.

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Queen of the Trailer Park Adds Sass with Class

Queen Of The Trailer Park
No stranger to life’s struggles, artist Diane Holland Gregory emphasizes the positive and lets her spirituality and heart shine brightly through her Queen of the Trailer Park artwork. The unusual name of this collection comes from when Diane was at a crossroads in life, and started on a new path creating her wonderful works of art, which she proudly displayed in various RV parks from her “fixer upper” travel trailer, festively adorned with pink flamingo twinkle lights.

Today, Diane has become a successful artist, and shows her art from several stationary locations, but she hasn’t lost any of her fantastic free spirit. She blends funky and fun with color and animal magnetism, to create a genre of hearts, peace signs, crosses and more. Especially for tweens, the upbeat messages are appropriate as a beautiful representation of the transition from child to young adult. Each piece inspires determination and a will to succeed, even as emotions run wild. The new generation is here, and Queen of the Trailer Park helps to brighten their lives through the magic and beauty of art.

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Renditions by Reesa Captures the Delights of Childhood.

Renditions by Reesa
Renditions by Reesa perfectly captures a world of childhood dreams and delights. Renowned artist Reesa Qualia provides the vision and designs for all of the beautiful art in the collection. Her marvelous creations feature an abundance of styles and themes suitable from birth to teen.

As her artwork is in great demand, Reesa is unable to create all the pieces herself, so she employs a talented group of artisans in Sri Lanka to recreate her original designs. Most Renditions by Reesa products are hand-painted by this talented group, and each piece possesses unique qualities which capture the essence of Reesa’s handmade originals.

The vast collection includes paintings, banners, step stools, growth charts, photo frames and so much more. Renditions by Reesa offers children breath-taking art that connotes tranquility, and reflects the innocence and simplicity of days gone by.

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Green Frog Art Leaps Ahead in Family Galleries

Green Frog Art
Designer Kelly Neal of Green Frog Art creates artwork, children’s furniture and decorative accessories with her core values in mind: baby’s safety, practicality and a belief that beautiful, well-designed living spaces are nurturing to the soul. Green Frog’s whimsical art incorporates a palatable mixture of vivid colors, fun themes, and delightful visual stimulation.

Green Frog artwork is suitable for display throughout the home, with designs appropriate for a nursery, child’s room, playroom, den, kitchen, and bathroom. Tree Top Owls; Dog, Bird and Rabbit Sudoku; Cooking Frog; Frog Cookies; Alphabet Critters; and Animals on Parade are a few of the current works. Playful animals, in baby-soft pastels include framed zebras, hippos, tigers, horses, elephants and cows.

With art pieces ranging from $70 to $320 each, these are beautiful collector’s items to be treasured for generations and enjoyed as nurturing reflections of family life.

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