Costumes are Not Just for Halloween Anymore!

Aeromax - Get Real Gear

What do you want to be? That’s a question children bring to life in imaginative play throughout the year — not just on Halloween! Costumes have become more kid-friendly and realistic in recent years, as manufacturers in the children’s industry are paying close attention to what get-ups today’s kids want in their dress-up trunks. The Giggle Guide® presents creative garb from Aeromax, Small World Toys, Kids Safari and Groovy Holidays to put in your retail costume closet for year-round sales, from full body costumes to the perfect dress-up accessories.

Aeromax Toys Get Real Gear

Aeromax - Get Real Gear
Aeromax Toys’ costumes are so fun and realistic, kids will enjoy them well beyond October 31st. The Get Real Gear line allows kids to feel what it’s like to be an astronaut, fire fighter, cheerleader, or doctor. Get Real Gear offers an extensive line of occupations and characters, all designed with a focused attention to true-to-life detail.

The Jr. Fire Fighter costume has multiple pieces just like a real fire fighter uniform. Bib overalls are adjustable and have reinforced knees and pockets. The fire fighter coat includes buckles and gauntlet cuffs, just like the pros wear. The set also includes an adjustable hard helmet. Fire fighter uniforms are available in tan, black, blue, or yellow and come in sizes 6-months through adult. Kids’ dreams will become more realistic when they put on this fantastic, true-to-life gear.

Whether kids dream of growing up to be a fire fighter, princess, mail carrier, or combat soldier, Aeromax Toy’s Get Real Gear has the uniform to set their imaginations afire!

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Small World Toys’ Furree Faces Help Kids Run Wild

Small World Toys
Small World Toys enters the animal world with its Furree Faces collection of animal masks. These masks are perfect for a quick Halloween costume, playing dress up, animal theme parties, or just running wild!

Furree Faces are kid-friendly with a headband design. The headband features furry ears and an animal fur-covered face-piece that ends with a realistic snout. The design is perfect for kids that don’t want to cover their entire face with a mask or wear an entire costume.

Each animal comes with its own animated nose that lets out a real animal noise when pressed! Kids love running around as an elephant with big gray ears and long trunk, a lion with a sweet golden tussled mane, or even a zebra with realistic strips and a tuft of black hair. Reasonably priced at $8.99 each, there’s no disguising the instant appeal of these masks.

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Hunt for Every Animal Costume at Kids Safari

Kids Safari
For eye-catching and original full-body animal costumes, look no further than the menagerie of ensembles at Kids Safari. This impressive line of animal costumes for children and adults offers a huge selection of safari animals.

These full-body costumes are purr-fect for trick-or-treating in colder weather, sporting furry long sleeves and legs and animal head hoods. Each costume has a full front zipper for easy wear. These plush creations feature adorable accents like claw mittens for the crocodile and a spiky tail for the dinosaur.

An original alternative for warmer weather or for kids that don’t want a full-body costume is the Wrap N Ride line. These costumes are held up with shoulder straps. Simply step in and go! With legs sticking out the bottom, kids can fly in an airplane, drive a car, or even ride a platypus! Each Wrap N Ride costume is a plush design so kids feel like they are wrapped in a cozy stuffed animal. No detail is spared in this line, with unique options like the brilliant blue Pteranodon with wings that spread as the child lifts his arms or the fuzzy tarantula with rubbery fangs.

Safari Kids also offers a complete line of capes, vests, and hats. Capes aren’t just for superheroes either; these capes transform kids into animals, royalty, and fairies. Animal and character costumes such as the Purple Princess and the Bee are also available as vests.
Each line of Kids Safari costumes features adorable details and is offered in a huge selection of animals and characters.

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At Groovy Holidays, Halloween is in the Bag!

Groovy Holidays
Groovy Holidays is all about making the most of holiday accessories. Whether it is the first trick-or-treat, or the 20th, selecting accessories that last and can be reused is a great way to hang on to the memories. Groovy Holiday’s Halloween collection includes a reusable, felt Halloween banner complete with hanging spiders, bats, and pumpkins, and a fabulous line of reusable trick-or-treat bags.

With fun and cheerful designs, Groovy Holiday’s felt trick-or-treat bags are constructed to last. No more throwing out a beat-up plastic pumpkin or a flimsy sack. Kids want to use these beautiful bags again and again! The bag line includes multiple types of bags including smaller goodie bags sold in sets of four, purse bags, and even Frankenstein bags. Little girls love going door to door with the 1+1=BOO purse with pink felt, orange appliqué witch, and accent green handles and stitching. The Vampire bag has flair to spare with its wide red collar and fang accents. Contrast stitching, adorable details, and original shapes and designs set Groovy Holiday bags apart.

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