Temporary Tattoos are a Permanent Sensation

All That Glitters
“I’m me and you’re not!” is the resounding teenager’s anthem. One way tweens and teens play up their sense of individuality is to wear a temporary tattoo — or several. Tattoos are a fun way to stand out and “speak out with ink art.” However, real tattoos are an adult decision, expensive, difficult to remove and can lead to an allergic reaction or scarring. The alternative that’s sweeping the land is temporary tattoos: a mega hit with tweens, teens and even younger kids. There are lots of harmless options from several suppliers, including Fan Stamp, All That Glitters, Fun Tats for Kids and Savvi.

Fan Stamp Makes Face Painting Fast and Fun

Fan Stamp
Instant press-on face paint from Fan Stamp is made from one-hundred-percent pure mineral makeup, so it’s hypoallergenic and totally safe for any kind of skin, no matter how sensitive. Fan Stamp faux tats are available in team colors, flowers, animals and camouflage for backyard battles. Licensed designs include Disney Fairies, Princesses, and Pixar characters from Cars and Toy Story. Designs can be applied in seconds. Since they don’t require water to adhere, a kids can redesign themselves on-the-go.

Only Fan Stamp offers Disney packages that include Instant Eye Shadow Applicators: an easy, fail-safe way to look party-perfect for girls of all ages. While many temporary tattoos are a one-time deal, Fan Stamp designs are reusable up to four times. Fan Stamp is an all-in-one package, letting kids turn on their creative juices to create their own special looks.

To become a fan and a retail supplier, contact www.myfanstamp.com

All That Glitters is Gold for Retailers

All That Glitters
All That Glitters fans — meaning kids of all ages — revel in temporary tattoos that make an indelible impact. An excellent party activity, kids can show off their special memento long after the party’s over. All That Glitters offers hundreds of designs, both ready-to-use and custom-designed for special events, corporate gatherings, bar mitzvahs or other galas where teens or younger kids want to sport an ultra-special, personalized look or match designs with friends.

All That Glitters designs are made in the USA, and all glue, glitter and stencils are made only with components that are ultra-pure and safe. All That Glitters designs are incredibly long-lasting; a play ankle tat can remain vibrant for up to an entire week. The company offers products that appeal to all age groups. Girls adore All That Glitters Fantasy kits, while younger boys go wild for the snakes and snails designs.

To get in on all the fun and ink an order, call (204) 663-1000.

Make Long-Lasting Impressions with Fun Tats

Fun Tats for Kids
What could be more fabulous than a butterfly, zebra or soccer ball ID bracelet with a kids’ name or favorite team logo on it? Fun Tats for Kids offers in-stock or custom-printed bracelets that apply in a wink and won’t wash off for five whole days, even when swimming or bathing, so the fun goes on and on. Bracelets can be selected from art in stock or entirely customized with designs provided.

Rock henna body art for an exotic look. Make bracelets with self-adhesive crystal body sparkles. Let boys in on the fun with monsters, snakes and scary spiders. Fun Tats for Kids look exactly like the real thing, but are safe for all skin types and come off easily with household rubbing alcohol. Select from jumbo party packs that the whole gang can enjoy or pick tiny tattoos for younger kids or girls who want to wear multiple tats at the same time.

For indelible fun, add a faux tattoo parlor in your store. Include selections from www.funtatsforkids.com

Savvi — the Future of Fun

Starting as a small, home business, Savvi is now a major operation in Tucson, AZ that sells made-in-the-USA creative activities for children. Kids can change their style as often as they wish with new Savvi Skinz: peel-and-stick designs that can be applied as is or further embellished with Savvi jewel and glitter stickers to personalize shirts, jeans and shoes. Mini Skinz add sass when stuck on electronics and accessories.

Tweens and teens can personalize their rooms with Wall Skinz: life-size, easy on, easy off wall stickers that are safe to use on all wall surfaces. For the ultimate in temporary tattoos, there are 3-D collections in butterfly, pirate, wave surf and fantasy garden designs. Plan a party with placemats to color for an activity and party favor in one. Savvi boxed sets include a sponge, spray bottle and over two hundred tattoos that glitter and glow.

Younger kids love new Colorups: textured posters sold with non-toxic markers and glitter that stays where it’s put. Pleased parents are thrilled with the no-mess aspect. Colorups come in animal, fantasy and other designs as well as theme packs for every holiday and season.

For temporary tats and more, make a permanent spot for this fun factory at www.savvistuff.com

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