ABC Show Preview: The Laughs and Smiles Report

Andy & Evan

The ABC Kids Expo returns to Las Vegas October 15-18 and that has made a lot of people smile. I know that I always have a good time at ABC, and am looking forward to some laughs together with my explorations for new juvenile products. Before the show begins, I wanted to find out what makes some of the exhibitors laugh, and how they plan to generate big smiles from buyers. I was particularly pleased to hear that most of the manufacturers I asked said that their children, spouses or family members are what makes them laugh the most. I agree! With TV shows, books, movies, stand-ups and joke sites all working to get us to pay for some humor, it is great to know that the best laughs can be found right at home. Keep Giggling!



MOD'Swad - Lola Flowers
Karen H. Kosox Barski, BSN, RN, founder of KB Designs, LLC says:

What makes me laugh is…
a baby’s laugh. It is simply contagious!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
The MOD’Swad Cotton Indian Gowns from Woombie. They’re soft and savvy!
Booth 4701

pediped Footwear


Charlotte Fuschia
Angela Edgeworth, President, pediped Footwear says:

Who makes me laugh is…
Brian Edgeworth, my husband. He always makes me laugh. He’s one of the funniest people I know.

The product that will make buyers smile is…
Our new fall/winter style Charlotte — it has the perfect combination of sweet, cute and fun!
Booth 4615

Andy & Evan

Andy & Evan

Glasses Sweater
Evan Hakilir of Andy & Evan says:

What makes me laugh is…
Louis CK, FOX News, and my nieces and nephews. They are all so real, except Fox News of course.

The product that will make buyers smile is…
Definitely our cotton glasses sweater! It’s kitchy, it’s fun, and it just makes sense. We like to think that we’re setting the trend on this one.
Booth 4708

Child to Cherish

Child to Cherish

The Baby to Bride Bracelet
Taylor Lowe from Child to Cherish says:

Who makes me laugh is…
my youngest daughter Ava, she is two and out of her mind. She tries to argue, and simply makes things up. Maybe not a good thing!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
The Baby to Bride Bracelet. It stirs up memories.
Booth 4739

Imagine Baby

Imagine Baby

The Shade
Founder and President Lauren Lang of Imagine Baby says:

What makes me laugh is…
my kids. I get a kick out of them. They always find a way to make me laugh, even if I am trying to keep a straight face to discipline them.

The product that will make buyers smile is…
The Shade, because when buyers see it they will realize how easy it is to use and how functional it is for any parent when on the go with baby in the infant car seat. Plus, there will be big smiles when they have that ah-ha moment that everyone else has — when they lift the cover flap, revealing the large mesh window and realize how well they can see the baby through the mesh, providing parent and baby with comfort and peace of mind.
Booth 5523



Tortle Beanie Helps Prevent Flat Head Syndrome
Dr. Jane Scott, Founder of Tortle LLC, says:

What makes me laugh is…
when our family gets together and our 4 adult children re-enact their childhood adventures. The stories get bigger and bigger and more hilarious by the minute as they attempt to remember their antics while camping, jumping their bikes, and telling their stories about wild skiing activities. Everyone has a great time, and then I get to wonder how they all grew to adulthood and how they are all still alive!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
our Tortle lightweight knit beanie. With more than a million babies each year being diagnosed with Flat Head Syndrome in the USA alone, Tortle provides parents with a cost effective and simple solution to prevent and treat early stages of flat head syndrome: plagiocephaly (the flattening of the baby’s skull) and torticollis (unbalanced neck muscles).
Booth 1420



Roly Poly Collection
Lea Cuilliton, president of HABA USA, says:

Who makes me laugh is…
my husband Todd. He makes me laugh every single day; on very successful days multiple times a day!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
The HABA Roly Polys because of the way they rock. The soft tinkle sound reminds them of when they were a child.
Booth 4139



"The Explorer" Growth Chart
CEO & Founder Lior Schapiro of NUMI NUMI Design says:

Who makes me laugh is…
Mr. Bean! Performed by Rowan Atkinson the GREAT!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
NUMI NUMI Design’s “The Explorer” Growth Chart. It is a solid, 3D product that literally asks children and adults to touch it. It is an original, clever, and fun design that will blend with any nursery’s wall!
Booth 1925

Little Giraffe

Little Giraffe

Big G from Little Giraffe
Trish Moreno, president of Little Giraffe says:

Who makes me laugh is…
my 16-year-old daughter Ruby is funny enough to be on SNL. She makes me laugh every day!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
BIG G! Because he is so big, huggable, and lovable!
Booth 5927

Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit

Kari Caden, VP of Belly Bandit, says:

What makes me laugh is…
this site:…

The product that will make buyers smile is…
“MotherTucker” nursing compression tank — how great is that name??

Booth 410



Quinoa Cereal
Caroline Freedman, co-founder of NurturMe, says:

What makes me laugh is…
my kids, old episodes of “The Cosby Show” and Tina Fey

The product that will make buyers smile is…
NurturMe’s protein-packed Quinoa! It is the first and only pure Quinoa cereal for infants, a healthy alternative to rice cereal and a great way to get little ones off on the right nutritional footing when starting solids.
Booth 1431



Clownfish Float Suit
Dan Allen, Business Development Director for Konfidence, says:

What makes me laugh is…
My 5-year-old daughter mimicking people we meet — embarrassing but hilarious — especially when she puts on her “old lady” voice!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
our Clownfish design T-shirt Style Float Suit. It’s bright, cute and has the twin safety features of adjustable buoyancy and 50+ UVPF protection
Booth 2245



Twist Feeding System
Kailas Narendran, President of Kiinde LLC, says:

What makes me laugh is…
watching the TV Show “Arrested Development”. Really funny!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
Our new Twist feeding system — it’s an innovative breastmilk collection, storage and feeding system. There’s nothing else like it!
Booth 229

Creative Baby

Creative Baby

"My Animal World" i-Mat
Alan Cheng from Creative Baby, Inc. says:

What makes me laugh is…
watching “Americas Funniest Home Videos”. It always makes me laugh.

The product that will make buyers smile is…
i-Mat: “My Animal World”. Parents get to spend quality time playing with their children.
Booth 2249

Baby Blanket Music

Baby Blanket Music

Josh Rutt, founder of Baby Blanket Music, says:

What makes me laugh are…
my two little nephews. They are just too funny, all the time!

The product that will make buyers smile is…
The Baby Blanket Music Download Card. More consumers are purchasing music online. It gives retailers a chance to share in the transaction with a pre-paid download card.
Booth 4029

Colgate Mattress


Nuzzle Nest
Dennis Wolkin, National Sales Manager, Colgate Mattress, says:

Who or what makes me laugh?
Coaching my kids’ sports teams.

What is one product that will put a smile on buyers’ faces and why?

Integral to a baby’s happiness — just like an adult’s — is a good night’s sleep, which is why we’re so pleased to announce the first major mattress breakthrough in years — the fashion-forward and technologically advanced Nuzzle Nest. Made with AirWeave, a mattress material that’s unlike any ever seen in the United States, Nuzzle Nest brings an innovative alternative to traditional coil and foam mattresses. Inspired by nature, AirWeave allows air to flow freely throughout the mattress, creating a comfortable microclimate for babies. Green Guard Certified, Nuzzle Nest is made of recycled and recyclable content, and is sold paired with our award-winning Organic Cotton Eco-Cover. Booth 6919

timi & leslie

timi & leslie

Hannah Pastel Collection
President and CEO Tarek Tabbara, of timi & leslie says:

What makes me laugh is. .
coming home and seeing my kids dressed up as the Avengers.

The product that will make buyers’ smile is …
Our new limited edition Hannah Pastel Collection, because it is on trend and fabulously fun! Booth 5429