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Few milestones are as important to parents as a child’s first steps. What’s on their little fearless feet during this time is crucial for development and safety. As studies continue to show the importance of keeping tykes toddling in soft shoes or socks, some can be too tight or too slippery. These four companies can keep little feet rocking without compromising security or fashion…

Zuzii features trendy leather and suede shoes that look runway-ready long before junior can run. Bubysums knows that support doesn’t have to mean smothering a foot, so they created a hybrid superhero sock-shoe that won’t pinch, slip or pull. Snowflakes and Sunflowers sets out to put a story together with their bright and brilliantly designed socks. Vs. Stuff takes fun to the next level by creating a battle royale on the feet with dueling animal booties and socks. All these footwear options are fully functional and lightweight enough to work with any season.

Zuzii Has Sole Power

Kids can test those first steps with moccasins and baby booties from Zuzii. Ryan Campbell and her mother are the design team behind these shoes. Each shoe is made to order, starting with a paper pattern and going through an extensive mockup process before they get the leather just right. Having worked as an overseas manufacturing liaison, Ryan realized how important “Made in the U.S.A.” really was.

This quality is apparent in the trendiest product in the Zuzii collection: The Mox Bootie. This fringed bootie features ultra soft suede, an anti-skid sole and anti-bacterial wool inside. It comes in camel, charcoal and dove. For a more old-fashioned statement piece, the Olli Oxfords are perfectly preppy and feature veg-tan leather insoles and 100% cotton laces. Bright colors like jade or polka dots dress up a plainer shoe, or stay with the classic charcoal and camel. All include an anti-skid crepe rubber sole.

Start your spring collection with the sweetest sandals to touch the sand. The Ani Sandal has an Italian suede printed toe strap, natural veg-tan leather insoles and of course the anti-skid flexible rubber sole. Amp up the adorable with the Vivi Bow Sandal featuring an Italian Suede Bow on the front.

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Bubysums Equals Socks Appeal

Sometimes that little extra roll of pudge around the ankles makes traditional shoes a little tight. One husband/wife team with just this problem set out to find the perfect shoe for their not-so-little one’s foot. Everything they tried either sagged, tugged, or came right off with one overzealous toddler pull. They put their tired heads together and created Bubysums, a hybrid design combining a high-performance sock with a genuine leather soft sole shoe bottom.

With the flexibility of a sock, but the protection of a shoe, Bubysums are reinventing the traditional soft-sole shoe. These shoes will fit both wide and narrow feet and give new walkers a better sense of balance because they are lightweight but fit snugly. Because they are lightweight, parents can put on boots or thicker socks over the shoe if need be in the winter.

Sporty types will love the Sporty Bubysums that look like sneakers. They come in both pink and blue so either gender can enjoy the lace-up look without all that pesky tying. Little girls can go right from walking to dancing with the Ballet Bubysums, with a hot pink ballet tie up the nylon stretch socks. Not only are these sock shoes sturdy, they’re also washable!

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Snowflakes and Sunflowers Go on Right and Left

Snowflakes and Sunflowers
Sure, socks are meant to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! Go beyond the boring white and seek a sock that sells a story. Snowflakes and Sunflowers is a baby and children socks brand that embraces the fun and playfulness of childhood. Many of the designs feature a clever left-to-right story. For example, their self-titled Snowflakes and Sunflowers socks feature a company crest with the name from left to right (assuming you put them on correctly, of course). Part of the Words collection, there is also Mix and Match and Sweetie Pie.

The dancing dinosaurs on the Dino socks will wow any boy into the exciting world of the extinct. The Animal print features unlikely pals moose, raccoon and bear hanging at their house in the woods. Talk about unlikely pals, how about a mouse dancing to an alligator strumming a guitar? It’s these kind of silly pairings that make Snowflakes and Sunflowers a perfect gift.

To maximize your displays, consider carrying the boxed sets in beautiful brown packaging with open windows to feature the dashing designs. Sets include: Circus, Transportation, Ballerina, Lace, Mouse, Words, and Dino. There are four different sizes, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months.

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Vs. Stuff Helps Match Up Socks & Mittens

Vs. Stuff
You may have seen stars like Anne Hathaway sporting Vs. Stuff famous animal pair mittens. Born from boredom, Vs. mittens started as a zany idea: Why not turn your hands into mortal enemies and entertain yourself on a busy subway or supermarket line, all while keeping your hands warm? Now an all-seasons company, they are introducing a line of Vs. Socks and baby Vs. Booties.

The Cat vs. Dog Booties are the only baby booties that come together as a rival pair. The booties keep tiny feet nice and toasty with lightweight fleece. The fun dog and cat pair can also be used as play puppets. Other Vs. booties include Owl vs. Mouse and T-Rex vs. Triceratops.

Vs. has some great sock battles planned and kids will love to mix and match. Maximize value with the Boys Vs. Socks 3-Pack. With this 3-Pack, you get all 3 styles (T-Rex vs. Triceratops, Lion vs.Tiger and Shark vs. Penguin) in one colorful box. The Girls Vs. Socks 3-Pack is equally fun with Dog vs. Cat, Dolphin vs. Fish and Owl vs. Mouse. Think ahead and start stocking up on the Vs. mittens to display along with the sassy socks to maximize buying power.

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