Cloud9World Shows Character in Critters!

Cloud9World focuses on values and virtues by offering products that reinforce integrity, humility, compassion, kindness and perseverance. With violence and bullying making news, parents and teachers are interested in helping students stand up to abuse. Children are inundated with media technology that can steal from spending quality time with family and learning social skills. Cloud9World products bridge the generation gap and draw on the shared experiences of using animals as a teaching method to help children develop social and emotional skills. Through the animals’ behavior, children can grow into happier kids and well-adjusted adults.

Conceived by three friends who moved to the states from Columbia, South America, Andrea Nachtigall, Maria Smith, and Lorenza Gonzalez founded Cloud9World a year ago, and saw the doors of opportunity open for marketing their ideas. They held focus groups with moms and kids of all ages to gain perspective on just how much children really did know about moral values. In the process, they found that children between the ages of ten and twelve did not understand the concept of values clearly, and girls especially lacked confidence. Children could not put into their own words the meaning of such traits as humility, kindness, or compassion.

The company founders then consulted with teachers and doctors of psychology, and realized that reinforcement of such attributes is key to the learning experience. That’s when, after seeing an inspiring quote on a tee shirt, Andrea got a simple idea to create a line of tee shirts to inspire children to practice positive behaviors. From there, the idea grew into a full line of products.

Of course, their own children wore the prototypes to school, and from there word-of-mouth helped build the brand in retail stores all across America. Building a brand with the concept of values as the driving force has broad appeal. The giraffe logo represents strength of spirit, the value of integrity, and the importance of commitment. It is used on every item they sell and brings a fun animated presence to enhance the line.

Other featured creatures include the butterfly, which represents the importance of acceptance, the power of nature, and the rewards of embracing change. The dolphin represents the beauty of joy, the power of freedom, and the importance of being happy. The hippo represents the importance of honesty, the benefits of truth, and the power of belief. The moose represents the ability to forgive, understanding, and the value of a good heart. The hummingbird denotes the reward of hard work, the value of time, and the benefits of patience.

Cloud9World is based in Miami, Florida with all products manufactured in the United States. Colorful POP displays present an attractive collection with irresistible allure to young children and teens. The tee-shirts are packaged in paint cans, complete with a sticker of the animal and its virtue. Other inspirational products include caps, hardcover spiral journals, magnets, mugs and double-sided placemats.

Cloud9Kids stands by its motto of “character under construction” and is committed to create products that offer a happy reminder to let kids-be-kids, while helping them learn to be responsible citizens.

Cloud9World also helps support charities for children with special needs such as Operation Smile, Shake-A-Leg, Covenant House and United Cerebral Palsy of Atlanta, Georgia.

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