Travel Buddies Neck Pillows Receive 5 Star Rating From WTS Toy Review!

Recently the What The Stuff Toy Review Team tested and reviewed Noodle Head, Inc.’s Travel Buddies neck pillows and gave them their highest rating - 5 Stars! Here’s what the reviewers had to say:

Are pillows easy to use? You bet they are! Travel Buddies Neck Pillows are designed with little kids, little necks and little heads in mind. Similar to the neck pillows designed for adults, these adorable themed animals are sized perfect for little ones. Remember, we aren’t naive here – we know it isn’t like you can just hand over a Travel Buddy and expect your child to zonk out on the plane or in the car. But what will happen is pretty cool. They’ll wrap them around their neck and relax. Then they’ll take them off their neck and play with them. Then they’ll hold them…toss them in the air…talk to them…play with them….get the idea?! After that, they’ll either snuggle in and possibly fall asleep, or maybe they’ll just hold them like a regular stuffed animal. Of course Travel Buddies are designed for good sleep supporting necks and heads – but if your child choose to snuggle instead of wrap we think that is a pretty good trade off. Definitely easy to use!

No durability concerns here! Travel Buddies are soft to the touch and well made. They are machine washable which is perfect because if you are like us you want anything that touches those extra clean airplane seats to have a nice bath the minute you disembark! The seams are all tights – and these little guys should last just fine.

Yes, just like you we’ve seen travel pillows for adults, but we haven’t ever seen them for kids. The great thing here is kids in their car seats sometimes really could use a little extra support for comfort – and these little guys can do just the trick. And instead of just making mini-versions of regular boring old travel pillows, the folks from Noodle Head took the time to add adorable designs and soft fabrics to each and every Travel Buddy. Modifying and improving a good idea counts as original in our book!

Overall we couldn’t really have been more pleased with Travel Buddies. First off each one is cuter than the next, the most difficult thing about these guys just might be choosing the cutest one for your child! They are made to last, and are machine washable for easy clean up. And they carry a price that falls well within self-purchase and gift range. For every day trips in the car to cross country plane flights, your child (and therefore you) will be much happier with a Travel Buddy in tow!

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