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Businesses are started with intentions of being successful. Growth is a key to realizing that goal. There’s a familiar old saying –– “If you’re not growing you’re dying” –– and it is so true. However, in today’s challenging economic times, growth is easier said than done. Even so, there are a number of businesses experiencing success. What sets these companies apart? Are they lucky? Are they overflowing with resources? Not necessarily: Companies that do well are those with a strong sense of what they are setting out to achieve. These companies are pressing forward because they desire to grow and have committed to make that happen.

Mother’s Day, a holiday that is second only to the Christmas season for gift-giving, is here. What better way to show moms how much their love, affection, hard work, and sacrifice mean than a special day full of pampering and presents? From delicious culinary creations future chefs cook up courtesy of kid-friendly kitchen gear from Curious Chef and Ann Clark, to artwork and photos captured on mugs, jewelry, and snow globes by Neil Enterprises, to must-have handbags from Trumpette — there are wonderful surprises here that will make every mom sigh with well-deserved contentment.

Moms deserve lots of appreciation, not only on Mother’s Day, but every day! Make sure your store is ready with plenty of options for shoppers looking to pamper mamas, grandmas and other special women in their lives. When husbands and kids come to you for gift giving ideas, be prepared with special selections that make moms feel feminine, cherished and special, whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, holiday, or “just because” she’s Mom. The Giggle Guide® recommends stocking gifts from these brands for remembering moms throughout the year: Lollipop Beauty Bar, Lily Burkman, Little Giraffe, and Fruits & Passion.

Playtime New York

High Five” counts down Editorial Director David Gaunt’s personal observations, tips and praise reports about the children’s business. This edition includes five tips about cold calling, The ABC Kids Expo in Kentucky, doing business differently, strollers breaking the glass ceiling again and Coverplay, an example of “Why didn’t someone already think of that?”

This Sunday is Mother’s Day — a special day set aside for honoring moms. But why limit the recognition to just one day each year? Mothers work hard taking care of their families each and every day, and deserve little indulgences all year long! Whether customers are searching for a special gift for a new mama, long-time mama, or mama-to-be, The Giggle Guide® recommends these luxurious products from Baby Be Mine Maternity, Beaute de Maman, Sono Vaso, and MamaDoc. New trends are balanced with proven, doctor-developed products that pamper Mom from pregnancy to birth and beyond!

In the ever-changing children’s industry, each season brings new designs, products, and even entirely new lines. Customers are always looking for the newest, hottest trend. To keep them coming back season after season, year after year, retailers must stock a variety of fresh, eye-catching products. New collections offer brick-and-mortar retailers opportunities to be the first to introduce what’s new to customers, and possibly hold the title of “the only place in town that carries it.” To help buyers on their quest, The Giggle Guide® presents some new offerings from Robeez, Redsnapper, Snapants, and Jelly The Pug.

Bibi & Mimi
No Slippy Hair Clippy, Inc.

The day a new baby comes home from the hospital is an exhilarating experience! Anticipation leads up to this moment for many months, and parents carefully consider and shop for everything their precious bundle might need on this very special day. From that picture-perfect going home outfit and cuddly swaddling blanket to the safest, swankiest car seat for the ride home, Peg Perego, SwaddleDesigns, Beanie Designs, and Sage Creek Organics have all the first-trip necessities to ensure that baby is safe, secure, and comfortable on this momentous occasion.

Cradles, cribs, bassinets…and a basket floating down the Nile? Well, not quite, but the Little Merry Fellows Baby Moses Basket has everything except baby Moses! This gorgeous basket is a must-buy for those who want to pamper their newborn with the softest, snuggliest spot in the house. Little Merry Fellows strives to cater to not just the needs of the market, but to the individuals within. With comfortable organic blankets, stuffed toys and baskets, Little Merry Fellows helps build a world where babies and children can be both cozy and inspired to eat, drink, think, learn and be… merry!

I have a confession to make. My name is Caletha Crawford, and I’m a TV addict. And while my slavish devotion to my DVR means I’ve seen every episode of “Mad Men,” “ABC World News” and “Charlie Rose,” I can’t pretend that mine is a highbrow problem. No, I’ve been known to wallow in the crack of programing known as reality television. These days I can’t get enough of programs like “Shark Tank,” “America’s Next Great Restaurant” and “All on the Line,” which place entrepreneurs on the hot seat. These shows actually push two buttons with me — the aforementioned TV thing and my love of small business.