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Parents will always remember their little one’s first day of school: picking out a favorite outfit, taking lots of pictures, and waving as their child sets off on new experiences. Few parents know what’s going on in their child’s head as they face the rather intimidating first day. Even though a child may beg every day to ride the big yellow school bus, actually looking up at it can be a daunting prospect. Even more nerve-wracking is going to a big building with new people, teachers, and authority figures. Butterflies in My Stomach and Other School Hazards by Serge Bloch helps to ease the fears of elementary school attendees.

Kids lead on-the-go lives that zip from one activity to the next. When you offer well-designed clothes that keep little ones looking good, shoppers perk up and take notice. In addition to plenty of style, customers also warm to easy- care fabrics that withstand repeated laundering while holding their flash and dash. Each child is unique, so their clothes need to reflect originality to help them stand out in the crowd. Take note of these companies that feature threads for tots high in both pizzazz and practicality: Persnickety, Mooncakes, and ZAZA couture.

As if Facebook®, Twitter® and Linkedin® weren’t enough to keep us busy, Google® recently launched its own version of a Facebook-type site called, Google Plus (Google+). Yes, you read correctly, search engine giant Google has officially entered the social media realm. Why care about this site and not the countless others that also exist? Simply put, because this one is from Google. The world’s largest search engine, combined with the communication capabilities of its own social media site, can only serve to offer more efficient marketing efforts for those trying to bolster their online presence.

JP Lizzy
Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S)

Earning and spending money is a life skill that requires patience, perseverance, and commitment to goals. A little penny pinching and a treasured piggy bank is a good starting point! It’s never too early to start teaching kids about finances, especially since they are exposed to money starting at least by the first payment from the tooth fairy. These innovative products will give your customers tools to make finance easy and interesting to children of all ages: The Little Green Money Machine; Wi$eMoney, The Town of Financial Literacy; Money Scholar; and Moonjar.

Since KIDShow Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel is the must-be place for the children’s business August 22-24, The Giggle Guide® asked some of the top brands exhibiting at the event to tell us what is the Must-See in their collections and what is their favorite Must-Do in Vegas with food, fun, and friends. Read on for the lowdown on KIDShow Vegas from Donita Fashion, Anita G, cachcach, pediped footwear, Jelly the Pug, Wee Ones, Twirls and Twigs, SOZO, Fiveloaves Twofish, Lil Bowtique & Co., Under the Nile, Flap Happy, and JOSMO.

As the debate on global warming heats up, one important fact is clear: a large number of consumers in the 18 to 34 age range are on-board with the idea that our ever-toastier environment is our own fault. This is significant because this same demographic is formulating the future: they are parents and caregivers, responsible for child rearing. These consumers have a strong drive to incorporate earth-saving actions into their everyday lives. innovativeKids is here to help educate, support, and promote better living conditions for parents, children, and our world.

All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)
KIDShow - Specialty Trade Shows

The tractor-beam draw of collectibles has been an enduring part of human nature since the first man started collecting brightly colored stones. Just about any item can be considered a collectible, but there is a strong focus on the smaller, easily accessible items that provide instant gratification and long-term pleasure. While collectibles can be part of an investment strategy, they also provide diligent collectors with a sense of order and achievement. Collectible brands, like Peaceable Kingdom, Iwako, Stink Factory and Momiji offer aficionados an ever-growing fascination with tiny and colorful treasures.

It seems the second a woman finds out she’s having a girl, her feminine side is ramped up and she can’t get enough ruffles and frills! For some lucky moms, their daughters turn into girly-girls and the pink and precious outfits last throughout toddlerhood and into childhood. For the thrills that only frills can offer, The Giggle Guide® presents Attitude Pie, Bon Bon Cupcakes, and RuffleButts… brands that give that extra touch of girly with, what else? Ruffles!

At one time or another, even the most-cherished child may feel he or she isn’t worthy of being loved. Maybe a big brother has been unkind to a younger sibling and been reprimanded. Or, a kid gets angry at the playground and is given a time-out under Mom’s not-too-pleased eye. For a story that helps build self-esteem while pointing out that everyone deserves love no matter what difficulties have transpired, consider Dorothy and the Good Shepherd, the first title in the Lamplight series from Cane Creek Publishers.