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Boho chic has long been in vogue for adults, but it’s making its way into the children’s world with parents who like to share their style with their offspring. Capitalize on this burgeoning trend with Mademoiselle à Soho. Raised by a Romanian actress mother and a director father, Alexana’s flair for the dramatic is apparent throughout her collection of unique clothing for infants and older children. Her bohemian clothing is the perfectly playful blend of practical and trendy. While her items are sold separately, you’ll want to feature some of them just as she does on her site: as complete outfits she refers to simply as Looks.

We assume those who are quite persuasive are those who can “sell umbrellas in the desert.” When we think about an umbrella, we think of rain and then jump to the conclusion that if someone is able to sell something that is useless to a group of people, as with the umbrellas for desert dwellers, they must be good — right? Wrong! People who manage to convince us to buy items we don’t need may be persuasive, but they won’t hold our trust for long. On the other hand, those truly persuasive individuals who are able to sell umbrellas in the desert are people who can see our true wants and needs and either offer or repurpose a product to satisfy those desires.

On a scale of one to ten, I would award a twelve-plus to Knotties, something new in baby sleepers. This little gem from Lala’s Pequeños was designed with the idea of snugly bundling little legs and toes and, as a bonus, making it possible for baby-tenders to change diapers quickly without having to mess around with snaps or ties. The changer can simply tie the ends in a knot so tiny toes stay under wraps. The force behind the company is a dynamic mother of two who, together with her family and business partners, owns a 1500 acre rain forest in Costa Rica. To make and keep ecological awareness top-of-mind, a percent of proceeds from Lala’s Pequeños goes to help the Rainmaker Conservation Project.

It has long been said that imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery. But in business, unauthorized “imitations” cost companies immeasurable sums in lost sales and damage to their reputations. Most companies likely will not find it particularly flattering when a counterfeiter imitates or incorporates a valuable brand name or trademark in a domain name with the goal of misdirecting consumers to its ersatz website. Like in a Whack-A-Mole game, cybersquatters keep popping up.

Anyone who has ever traveled with children dreads the inevitable “Are we there yet?” and longs for a way for the kids to be occupied during the journey. Retailers can answer this yearning with great travel games for kids from Smart/Tangoes USA, a company that produces puzzles which amuse kids (and their adult companions as well.) Tangoes is based on the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle that not only entertains but also helps develop problem solving skills and creative thinking. Perfect for out and about, Travel Tangoes is available in animal, people or object versions and fits neatly in a backpack or purse.

The capes and ponchos trend is back and it’s hitting the younger set fast. Light, breezy and easily layered, this trend is totally wearable. Unlike many sweaters or jackets, capes and ponchos give kids the warmth they need while letting them move the way they want. Parents love the combination of style and functionality, and girls love the twirlability. Big-button capes and detailed ponchos are in for fall, so deliver with these designers who do the trend best, including the little hummingbird, NICO.NICO, Girl and a Mouse and Babylady Inc.

Reading books together is a great way for parents and children to talk about important issues. Author Sabrina Panfilo, a graduate of NYU and an elementary school teacher, has molded her professional expertise in journalism, education, and psychology into one passion — creating a literary world for children that reminds each and every one of us that we are indeed unique and beautiful –– and, undoubtedly, loved. Sabrina’s two new books from Vantage Press, Cosmo’s Crave and Guppy’s Gall and Tomey and the Caterpillar are inspiring books that convey these essential messages.

“Buy American!” is a more common rallying cry as concerned consumers support the high standards that make US products some of the best in the world. A Gallup Poll showed that more than half of the consumers surveyed would be willing to pay a premium for US goods. Stateside companies not only support and grow the American economy via sales transactions, but they also create new opportunities for local, quality brands. Capitalizing on American know-how and craftsmanship, 100%Gumdrop, Radish Moon, Holt and Lulu, and American Plastic Toys have stayed true to their roots by bringing customers the peace of mind that US-made goods can buy.

For shoppers wondering what to bring to a baby shower or to take along on a visit to a new tyke, here are a few unique ideas from a company that takes itself seriously burnished with a sense of humor. No bunny rabbits, teddy bears or airplanes: The Tiny Universe has produced The Picture Book for the Finest of Babies, a hilarious “first book” with more than a dash of fun. The Picture Book will make adult recipients laugh out loud with pictures of necessary nouns for the one percent like “yacht”, “polo” and “diamond”, to say nothing of “caviar.”

Health and beauty products that are eco-friendly, gentle and all-natural have become important to find for parents and their young children. Consumers have become more educated about skin; a living, breathing tissue that covers and protects bodies but, at the same time, absorbs what comes in contact with it. It makes sense to stock products for kids that are chemical free. Here’s an opportunity to share with your customers effective yet gentle personal care products for the family. A few brands recommended by The Giggle Guide® include: Hot Tot, Willa, Sweet Dream Girlz and Lafes.