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oopsbaby® offer feeding bibs, bandana bibs, long sleeve bibs, no sleeve bibs and Wonder bibs. All our bibs are easy to clean, adjustable, eco-friendly and come in super cute styles. We have a bib for every baby!

Our bibs & art smocks feature a smart pocket that catches the spills to keep your baby clean and dry. The bibs wipe down easily so that you can reuse it for the next meal.

Oopsi Baby offers products that are better for the planet with reusable materials and are safe for your child.our cloth diaper are also

Lead-free, BPA-free, PVC-free and no Phthalates. When you buy Oopsi Baby products, you know that safety is our number one goal. At Oopsi Baby,we are committed to the environment and committed to your baby.

35-15 84th Street, 2H Jackson Heights • New York, New York 11372
Contact: Jason Hsu
Phone: (917) 338-5958