New York Law Firm, Phillips Nizer, Produces “Licensing in the Fashion & Childrenswear Industries | A Checklist”

A Checklist of Issues to Consider When Granting or Getting a License
A Checklist of Issues to Consider When Granting or Getting a License
The Checklist, although not exhaustive, provides a list of issues to consider before signing a licensing agreement

The New York-headquartered law firm, Phillips Nizer LLP, has produced a checklist targeted to the fashion and childrenswear/products industries of important points to consider when granting or getting a license. The checklist, created by partner Jeremy D. Richardson, member of the firm’s Fashion and Childrenswear, Licensing and Intellectual Property practices, provides starting points for anyone considering licensing a trademark, a family of trademarks, artwork, a product, or a combination of these.

Sections in the Checklist include:

  • You Have A Great Brand And Want To License The Name (for the Licensor)
  • You Have A Great Product But Want A Recognized Brand Name to Go With It (for the Licensee)
  • Both Sides Should Have An Exit Strategy
  • Should You Use A Licensing Agent?

The Checklist, available on Phillips Nizer’s Website complements Jeremy’s December 2011 article produced for the Giggle Guide entitled, “Licensing in the Children’s Fashion and Products Industry.” The article is also available on Phillips Nizer’s Website (…).

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