Carolina Baby Company Celebrates Good Business

When I emailed Marlo Poole of Carolina Baby Company with questions about her products, I received a reply within hours. I was impressed by her prompt attention.

A simple gesture, but for a company as successful and as busy as the sales rep organization Carolina Baby Company, the ability to respond and communicate with clients, buyers, and press in such a prompt manner is a key tool in effective marketing. Marlo Poole understands this; her prompt reply to me indicated their savvy business practice.

“Everyone gets a response from us the same business day,” Poole wrote, “and we’ve been told how important that is to our buyers.” This kind of dedication keeps them on their toes, too, she continued, and often requires her and her staff to work 15 hour days, 7 days a week.

This kind of work ethic is unquestionably the biggest part of their success. But there are a few other factors worth a nod.

The last few years have been economically trying, and many companies and corporations have suffered as a result. Except Carolina Baby Company.

“While some other specialties, such as apparel, were struggling,” said Poole, “consumers were still buying baby gifts (from us).”

Over 25 Brands in a One-Stop Showplace

Baby gifts galore, indeed. Carolina Baby Company represents at least 25 brands, including Itzy Ritzy, Zoe B Organic, Four Peas, Bambino Mio, and Baby JaR. “Poole”ing their resources, each brand manufactures a variety of products include pacifiers, blankets, plush products, teethers, strollers, car seats, diaper bags, wet bags, carriers and more. Every company represented is environmentally cautious. All plastics are safe. All the labor is ethical.

Before hitting their stride with Carolina Baby Company, Marlo and Jim Poole owned a children’s products store in Southern California. In 2006 they moved Southeast looking for a change and a slower pace of living. On the business front, the Pooles had intended to open another store like the one they had previously owned. Finding the market in the Southeast more traditional than they were used to, they changed their minds and decided to bring a little bit of the West Coast to the Southeastern market by becoming sales representatives for several smaller companies. Jim and Marlo were able to marry the two opposite coast tastes, introducing a classical market to a modern, eclectic product selection. Everybody wins!

Easy Living, But Working Hard

In the first few years, Carolina Baby Company represented a few juvenile product lines over 3 states in the Southeast. Today, Carolina Baby Company is the representative sales force for 25 different companies spanning 11 states. “We originally envisioned our business as a small family business,” Poole explained. “However, it truly grew and flourished beyond our expectations. Now in addition to Jim and myself, we have three additional employees on the showroom staff.” Carolina Baby Company will continue to expand in the future, but their goal has always been focused, so they will never get too big for their britches. “We do not ever plan to be the biggest sales representative offering the most brands –– just the best representatives offering the best brands in the industry.”

Carolina Baby Company also shares their wisdom with small-up-and-coming companies — both those they represent and ones they don’t. The Pooles particularly love guiding buyers through opening their first retail store, walking them through which products to sell and encouraging them in their efforts. Testimonials prove that manufacturers also are grateful for their guidance:

“Carolina Baby Company has been an amazing force in building Ju-Ju-Be in the Southeast United States. We have watched our sales in that territory grow and our customers become successful with the brand and well taken care of. They are an absolute delight to work with!” (Ju-Ju-Be)

Perhaps their biggest asset is their attitude. Good hard work brings success. People reap what they sow, and Carolina Baby Company’s crop of success is well-earned because the Pooles and their associates know that with wishing comes a whole lot of doing.

All of their doing has earned many accolades. Their most recent bit of news is that in July they will be presenting in a beautiful, large showroom of 2,200 square feet — which is great considering their very first showroom (years ago) was only about 350 square feet. Hard work really does pay off.

For more information, contact (864) 882-3183

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