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You may have seen the movie “Patch Adams.” It’s about a real-life doctor who has an unusual approach to healing: he uses laughter as a therapy. While laughter may not be able to heal all wounds, it certainly can be the best medicine. Laughter has an enormous and proven impact on the human body and quality of life. Young and old alike can take advantage of the powerful medicine that comes from a good belly laugh by checking out the gentle humor provided by Me Giant products.

For decades, mompreneurs have been a creative force behind product innovations in the children’s market. Not content to make do with what the retail world offers, moms often come up with ideas to solve common childcare problems. The Giggle Guide® editors heard about a mompreneur that we’re pretty sure has no equal, and yet is relatable to the “everymom.” Robyn Pellei is the mother of 10 children, ages newborn to 12, the most recent born last December. This former nurse is now a home school educator and teaches all of her children at home. And in her spare time, she is the CEO of ViveVita.

“At the core of every young man is the desire to save the day and love to the fullest,” says Tori Young, founder and president of Warrior Poet Clothier and the father of two boys. That’s one thing he knows for sure. The Warrior Poet Clothier crusade is “Building Armor with a Flare for the Next Generation of Men.” History shows us many examples of the Warrior Poet. From the chivalrous knight, to the intrigue of the samurai, we are drawn to this gifted individual.

ABC Spring Educational Conference & Trade Show
HALO® Innovations

A new mom goes into her local baby products store to shop for a stroller. The store has all the best brands and latest models, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and sufficient on-hand inventory. The new mom kicks the tires, trades stories with the salesperson, and focuses in on the brand, model, and color that she wants. After noting the price, when she has a minute away from the salesperson, she scans the barcode using a price finder app on her smartphone and purchases the stroller from an online discounter at a lower price. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Cure-Couture was the design idea of the late Linda Segal. Linda was a successful women’s fashion designer for more than 25 years. In 2007, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and required chemotherapy treatments. It was Linda’s experiences in the chemo center at the hospital that gave her the inspiration to design Cure-Couture: fashionable, yet functional patient gowns. Linda sadly lost her battle with breast cancer in 2009, but her idea lives on through her daughter Ashley Segal, and her design protégé, Linsay Alvarado. Ashley and Linsay describe their business venture as making a giant pitcher of lemonade from the lemons they were given.

Families around the world are living better, dressing more stylishly, and want to provide their progeny with luxe looks. Nothing connotes style and quality like a garment made in Italy. Success stems from Italy’s rich cultural past and extensive history, which have both had a tremendous effect on haute couture. Italians understand the impact of the valuable “la bella figura” for adults and children. Designers including Gallucci, Malip, Silvian Heach Kids, and detta dada celebrate the classic and chic designs that make Italian style timeless.

Andy & Evan
Feather Baby

Since one of the benefits of attending trade shows is to get to know the people behind the brands better, I asked some of the exhibitors attending KidShow Las Vegas (February 13-15 at Bally’s) to preview the Must-See in their collections and a favorite Must-Do while in Las Vegas. And since the show is in luck city, I wanted to know about the luckiest thing that has ever happened to them in their lives. It was inspiring to learn that many replied that they were most lucky in love –– lucky to have their spouse, children and career in the children’s business. Read on, for some good luck tales about winning in Vegas too! Good luck to all. Happy Valentine’s and see you at KidShow Vegas!

I happen to live in Las Vegas, where slogans such as “You can’t win if you don’t play,” define our local gaming community. I have to admit it’s hard to argue with that logic, Who can win at slots, poker or blackjack without opting in to play? Bystanders don’t reap any rewards. Only those who are willing to put up the cash and potentially lose it, have the chance to win and win big dependent upon the size of their bet. Most don’t win big but some do; some break even, while others lose. The same is true when it comes to marketing. Without it, you are like those bystanders, watching your competitors play.

Tree Blocks Wooden Toys are quality wooden playthings with character. The collection includes wood tree houses, play furniture, blocks and educational toys that are unique because they look like the wood from which they are created. While some wooden toys are so processed they lose the integrity of their origins, Tree Blocks retain the detail and natural characteristics of the wood. Tree Blocks are eco-friendly and no living tree is harmed in the making of the toys. The only trees used are the discards of managed paper forests.

Itzy Ritzy
Woombie (KB Designs, LLC)

Toy Fair 2012 takes place February 12-15, 2012 at the Javits Convention Center, as well as in showrooms at 1115 Broadway (at West 25th Street) and other locations throughout New York City. The 2012 event is expected to attract more than 1,100 exhibitors from around the world with over 250 of them exhibiting for the first time. Attendees will include retailers, wholesalers, importers, buying groups and trade guests from nearly 100 countries. Here are a few of the must-sees recommended by The Giggle Guide®: K-Dron, Little Adventures, Fascinations and BeginAgain.