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Do you believe that someone has copied your designs? Legally, a copycat may not be necessarily guilty of copyright infringement. A recent case involving a comic book character and a movie character, both with hairdryers in hand, provides a valuable reminder of what is and what is not protected by copyright law. It’s a battle over whether a comic book creator can protect his hairdryer-toting, terrorist-fighting figure from being copied by big-time Hollywood studios. Although this copyright case did not involve the children’s industry directly, fashion and product design similarities are a common problem for many in the juvenile business.

Any mother of a little boy knows that the clothing gifts don’t come nearly as quickly, and often aren’t as cute as those that welcome a girl. Sweater vests and one-pieces with silk-screened graphics do not a boy baby’s wardrobe make, especially in the view of hipster moms. The celebrity baby boom has inspired modern moms to look for the hottest new trends in baby clothes, and you can’t ask for better press than City Threads. When your name has been associated with the tiny tots of celebrity cool kids, the clothes are an easier sell. Add to the celebrity appeal the fact that the apparel is made in the U.S.A., and you’ve got a goldmine.

Veteran retailer, Anna Beth Goodman, launches Pippen Lane Collection, a line of fun, funky playwear and dresses with New Orleans flair. Driven by her customers’ needs and a desire to express the charm and personality of her 8,000-square-foot Pippen Lane boutique, Goodman has developed a buyer-friendly line that’s cheerful and appealing in layette through infant for boys and up to size 12 for girls. To ensure its success, Goodman has assembled an elite group of children’s wear experts to manage every aspect of the business from production to sales to customer service.

Wee Ones, LLC
Michael Scott Studio

It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that is certainly true for some of today’s creative children’s apparel. Children’s fashion has never under estimated the creativity of moms. The Giggle Guide® takes a closer look at mom designers that “toe the line” during a time when more brands and styles of socks are available than ever before. One pair of socks per day for children is simply not enough. Hosiery by Hank & JoJo, Celeste Stein Designs, SmartKnitKIDS, and BabyLegs are made to increase foot traffic!

What could be cuter than babies’ feet? Parents oooh and ahh over tiny toes and spend hours playing “this little piggy.” Little piggies don’t just go to market, they go in style, when adorned in booties and socks that keep feet snuggly warm. Booties and socks seem more plentiful than ever, available in many unique, attention-grabbing designs. Footwear accessories coordinate looks for little divas and dudes, from the top of their heads down to their tippy toes. The Giggle Guide® looks at the growing trends in socks, with designs from ToeBlooms, Dolly and Dimples, Zooni, and Sock Ons.

Wen C. Reese brings her contemporary design sensibility to nighttime with Skylar Luna, which launches at ENK Children’s Club (booth #2211). Moms can appreciate the eco-friendly properties and reasonable prices; while kids want to cozy up to these comfortable and stylish pajamas. Skylar Luna will also entice retailers through its year-round availability, which allows them to order only what they need, when they need it. Reese states, “Skylar Luna is soft, organic cotton washed in a sophisticated palette using simple designs — no busy all-over prints or mass-market characters.

KIDShow - Specialty Trade Shows
Phillips Nizer LLP

Cloud9World focuses on values and virtues by offering products that reinforce integrity, humility, compassion, kindness and perseverance. With violence and bullying making news, parents and teachers are interested in helping students stand up to abuse. Children are inundated with media technology that can steal from spending quality time with family and learning social skills. Cloud9World products bridge the generation gap and draw on the shared experiences of using animals as a teaching method to help children develop social and emotional skills. Through the animals’ behavior, children can grow into happier kids and well-adjusted adults.

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Had Rudyard Kipling been one of the greatest psychiatrists of our time, he could not have distilled the essence of communication any more clearly. The words we use in everyday life are vital to building solid relationships with those around us. As parents of two growing boys, entrepreneurial couple Meredith and Lance Looney have developed their ideas on the most important way to nurture a close, joyful family life by letting their loved ones know that they are important, welcomed, and loved. With this in mind, the I Like Book was conceived and published in 2010.

Having just returned from a round of paper craft-related trade shows where I was a buyer for once, I must say, vendors of the world, we need to talk. Ah, there they are, the four most dreaded words in the dating dictionary. Drop that phrase on a spouse or a loved one today and watch them cringe in response. Maybe it’s too soon in our Giggle Guide relationship for such a heavy conversation, but given that we’re on the brink of another show season, the time has to be now for some straight talk aimed at vendors.

All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)

While Kermit sang of the difficulties of being green, toymakers are creating new toys that make it easy and fun to be “green.” With the continuing trend toward greener living, Toobalink is a new toy company that encourages imagination with an eco-friendly, reusable twist in building kits. Recyclable toilet tissue and towel tubes get a new life when combined with the Toobalink connectors and couplers. Developed initially as part of a Classic Play toy class at Pratt Institute, Toobalink was inspired by children playing with often tossed-out household items. The brand re-imagines traditional building blocks and logs, with creativity and a focus on helping Mother Nature.