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For summer traveling or just hanging out, take note of a new line of tee shirts that celebrate fabulousness and adventures. Lately Lily is the star of the show, a curious girl who loves to visit foreign places accompanied by her bright yellow suitcase. The tees come in twenty-five versions, each with a hand-drawn graphic and a hand-drawn hangtag that details Lily’s thoughts on the places she’s visited. Lily’s adventures give shoppers a way to bring home the gift of curiosity, a quality Lily has in abundance. The tees and tags are also a way to motivate kids to keep notes on the world around them.

When a baby is in the process of arriving, all attention focuses — as it should — on Mom. But Dad, often forced to hang out for a long time in whatever he was wearing when the hospital beckoned, is an important player too. With DaddyScrubs®, a father-to-be gets the ideal labor-and-delivery outfit so he can be comfortable while supporting proud Mama every step of the way. DaddyScrubs is a perfect gift for a new father on his first Father’s Day or a man preparing to welcome a new son or daughter. “Daddy” is writ large on the front chest of the top, with an even bigger, bolder “I’m the Daddy” declaration on back.

Designer Preeti Ayyangar founded Spunge Design in 2008. Based in Atlanta, GA, Spunge Design studio creates modern, child-friendly, organic cotton products. Spunge products are designed with an awareness that children learn through exploration and discovery. Spunge’s super-soft baby blankets are made engaging through nature-inspired graphics, three-dimensional appliqués and embroidery. Children will delight in these intriguing textures and designs that reflect the beauty of nature.

Buying children’s shoes used to be a chore, but with the popularity of easy-fastening systems and styles that practically dance out of the store, the experience is a lot easier and far more fun. The children’s shoes of today are as jazzy and comfortable as manufacturers can make them. Shoes from Kirsten Licet, Zooshuu, Zooligans and Lelli Kelly take a cue from the animal world to come up with captivating designs that attract kids’ attention. When shoes have child-appeal in the design, and make sense to adult shoppers with fine materials and top quality construction, the bottom line will show the results.

When King Solomon was posed with an opportunity to receive anything he wanted, instead of riches or power, he chose wisdom. The King realized that wisdom was far more valuable than anything else he could have chosen. Ultimately he attained both power and riches, likely as a result of his wisdom, affording him the ability to make better decisions. Market research yields wisdom. That said, it is often overlooked either because it’s believed to be too costly or not truly necessary. Truth is, market research is one of the most important activities a company can pursue.

“A” is for alphabet, “B” is for book and “F” is for the family owned company that publishes books in the AlphabetownUSA series where letters have distinctive personalities. The books, which incorporate bright, engaging illustrations, introduce language skills to young children who giggle over the adventures of Nancy, a green “N,” Frank, a bright red “F” and slate blue “Z” for Ziggy. With lots of help from their four children, Ryan and Nicole Mayer of Rolesville, NC, created the AlphabetownUSA series, illustrated by artist Russ Simmons.

When it comes to feeding time, parents, babies and toddlers want a relaxed, pleasant, delicious experience. Show your customers ways to banish tension at mealtime with products that enhance food-appeal and make feeding youngsters as carefree as possible.To ease the transition from breast to bottle, and from bottle to cup, demonstrate to shoppers a variety of smartly thought-out and well-designed products made to help feed young children. Here are some recommendations to calm the feeding frenzies: Mixie, ReliaBrand, Piyo Piyo and Cubbie Cup from Parent Perfected.

Beloved the world over, Sesame Street entertains and educates children in over 160 countries. What better way to help parents teach children about the world outside their borders than to bridge the gap with the little muppet faces kids (and their parents) know and love? Kiwi Industries adds to the global appeal by launching the “Sesame Street Around the World” collection. It features all the familiar faces with designer colors, updated graphics, and the character’s name in three different languages. Children will enjoy learning what their favorite characters’ names are in different languages, and parents will appreciate the designer look in 100% washable organic cotton.

Sales are the lifeblood of every company, and few events help rack up strong sales and positive PR like a trade event. It takes a lot of time to plan, coordinate, and set up a booth at a show, however, none of which immediately adds to an exhibitor’s bottom line. Wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced trade show freelancer that understands your company and its products well enough to take the hassle out of trade show exhibitions? Brands big and small turn to Andrea Williams, a trade show expert with years of experience providing the power, panache, personality and persuasive marketing skills that attract attention and sales on trade show floors.

Parents know the potential horror when they pick their kid up while on an outing and realize a diaper change has to happen right then and there. Blizzard or not, a dirty diaper waits for no man. Offer these frenzied parents the perfect option with Zopheez: a fashionable one-piece outfit that actually looks like two-piece separates. The best part? Zopheez features one zipper down the center front for getting dressed and another through the crotch for presto change-o diaper swaps. As a pediatrician, Kerry Newman, CEO, founder and creative director of Zopheez saw many parents struggle with front, back and crotch snaps that never seem to match up. Kerry’s mission is to provide a safe, stylish and easy option for dressing young babies and toddlers.