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Coloring books, crayons and markers are great fun for kids of all ages and allow them to express artistic creativity. However, when all the pages are colored, there is no magic wand a parent can wave to reset the book back to its original state, so the child can begin all over again. Glenn Rudin, founder of Always Been Creative, Inc. is well aware that times are tough financially, and he feels that parents and creative individuals will appreciate a toy that stimulates creativity, but can be used over and over again. Glenn is the inventor of blankZ, a new series of stuffed toys that are a blank canvas for kids to color, with included watercolor markers.

Playtime New York - New York, New York (3/10/12 - 3/12/12)

The 4th edition of Playtime New York was held in March at 82 Mercer. Retailers are drawn to the cutting edge and modern selection of creative, exclusive and upscale merchandise that demands a setting that is different from traditional trade shows. Within an increasingly strong dynamic nourished by the international network of the Playtime trade fairs, this New York edition took place in an atmosphere that was stimulating and relaxing. Many fresh designers, including Neve Inspired, JUMINA, LOUANN and boy+girl previewed their fall/winter collections.

Show off the newest, coolest entry in the world of reading and watch your shoppers grab up these books! Popar Books offer an interactive reading experience that let kids see 3D objects and animations pop off the page. Even readers who need a little cajoling thrill to seeing butterflies fly smack into their faces or caterpillars slithering across the desert and off the computer screen complete with special sound effects. Popar Books, created by Digital Tech Frontier, are designed to change the way children interact and experience stories, adventure and learning.

In sales, the end goal is to close the deal and write that order. Sadly, many sales professionals and novices alike are so fixated on the order that they overlook the process and are often shut down mid spiel. If you’re looking to get to the close, you have some homework to do before you approach the retailer. There will be some thoughtfulness to consider before and as you talk to the retailer, as well as some hustling to do after you leave the retailer. To help remember this process, I’ve broken down the word C.L.O.S.E.

Trying to stuff a wriggling baby into outer garments is something of a challenge. If you are in a car, you have to loosen the car seat strap which is not at all safe; if you are carrying the tot, it can be incredibly awkward; and on top of these nuisances, half the time the child gets overheated during the process. Enter Hoodebaby, a simple way to keep a little one warm. Slip the hood over the head and wrap the child in the blanket. If the tot is in a stroller or car seat, just use the blanket as a coverup.

Until recently, shoppers searched high and low for stylish leggings for little girls but had to settle for dull, limited colors and barely any designs. Hello Luna Leggings, that look as spectacular as they feel and wear! Luna Leggings is a fashion-forward collection of tights for girls 0-8 years old, full of whimsical prints in sturdy fabric. Lunas are made of a blend of high quality organic cotton to produce super-soft leggings that last wear after wear, wash after wash. Nylon stitching and seams maximize stretch and strength while a wide, reinforced waistband adds the comfort young fashionistas crave.

Clothes that are geared towards a healthy lifestyle are gaining ground. We’ve already seen how some footwear brands now claim the wearer can stand straighter, lose weight, increase heart health, and promote better balance. Most of these products are geared towards a mature adult audience, but doctors and researchers know that the beginning stages of development are the most important because these formative phases are the building blocks for life. Miniature Milk, an infant clothing purveyor, is one of the pioneers in providing infant wear with value-added function.

Everyone has some snuggly memory tucked away: curling up with grandpa in a flannel shirt while roasting marshmallows by the campfire, or getting tucked in by mom, who always made sure the floppy rabbit was nestled in tight. It all comes down to what people want their children to remember from their childhood. Aren’t the smallest details the most important? Who didn’t have a well-loved stuffed toy? Or that favorite shirt that was soft and cuddly? And, customers don’t have to choose between clothes or toys: companies like Milo & Lilirose are supplying both to assure great memories for years to come.

Every year, companies that specialize in children’s products roll out new, trendy items just in time for September. With all the options being marketed to kids, parents have to choose which make sense and will benefit their child the most as they begin a new grade. Back to school gear should be both stylish and practical. It should help give children confidence and offer easier, better ways of doing what kids do each day. This means moms and dads should be shopping for durable clothes, tough backpacks, and convenient portable storage options. Here are some brands that score high marks from The Giggle Guide®: Junebug, Lily & Momo, Madpax and Innobaby.

Children adore bright colors and clothes with a presence; parents want their children to dress appropriately for the occasion. The best approach? A combination of the two styles that results in what everyone wants –– a fusion of sophisticated designs with a bit of edge, but with comfortable, wearable fabrics. Companies that cater to this particular children’s fashion niche are well-rewarded with repeat customers who have a clear, balanced understanding of what looks best on their children and what delights their child’s emerging sense of personal style statements. One company, Maisonnette, is a go-to resource for cute couture with a fashionable flair.