The Biz: Feature Articles

Visual merchandising. More than an arrangement of signs and products. To increase sales, engage more senses. Create an experience. Satisfy needs, but generate wants. The Giggle Guide™ provides display tips for retailers and manufacturers. In stores, or at trade events, what you see and hear matters. Create attention grabbers Generate buzz. Turn window shopping into increased sales! What customers see, hear and touch influences what they get!

The Giggle Guide™ introduces our exclusive “Ask The Moms” series. We’ve surveyed 26 mothers, living throughout the United States and Canada, about today’s children’s market and the products they purchase. We’re kicking things off with a question to help everyone get to know the moms, and their purchasing influences, a little better:

What are the primary ways you discover new children’s products?

The Giggle Guide® takes a look at changes in cotton diapers! We discover the real scoop on the cloth vs. disposable debate, and find some of the “cons” about cloth are just a lot of poop. Learn more of the facts about the budgetary and environmental benefits of cloth diapering. Retailers could help their bottom line by offering a selection of cotton diapering products for your eco-responsible customers.

Want to relate to tweenagers? The Giggle Guide™ talks to Kristen Taylor about Juvie, her shop dedicated to all things tween. She makes shopping for this niche group easier. Here’s a Retail Reality check on this special market. It’s challenges, strategies, key brands, marketing tips and successes. Juvie shows how being cool can become a hot spot for pre-teens … and their parents!

The CPSC has just released a 28 page PDF document to help sellers of used children’s products understand the CPSIA and existing regulations:

CPSC Handbook for Resale Stores and Product Resellers

While it’s directed at the sale of used products, it certainly contains more “digestible” information on the CPSIA then most of government publications. Smile

Want fries with that outfit?

The Giggle Guide™ helps children’s retailers make the most from every sale. Suggestive selling. Customer role-playing. Employee motivation. Impulse buys. Counter intelligence. Know your products, your customer and your sales potential. Hear what your customer really needs. Show. Sell. Practice. Praise. Reward! Learn to Super Size… with The Giggle Guide™!

Behind The Brand” uncovers what makes Stephan Baby a successful name in the children’s marketplace. Co-owner Jan Campbell explains how a sister’s frozen boo-boo remedy provided the initial inspiration and how, 22 years later, Stephan Baby is adapting to handle increasing government regulation and a rapidly changing global economy. With over two decades of industry experience, we can all benefit from her insights.

Retail Reality” looks behind the scenes at Magic Beans in Brookline, Massachusetts. Sheri Gurock spills the beans on what makes their operation so unique and successful. Magic Beans, with three bright and whimsical locations, is the destination for expecting parents in the greater Boston area.

Got Green?

Toys from milk jugs. Furniture out of rubber trees. Sweet deals from Maple trees. It’s organic to want only the best for babies. The Giggle Guide™ shines a natural spotlight on new eco-correct products from Plan Toys, Green Toys, Maple Landmark Woodcraft and Cotton Monkey. Presto chango, Green is the color of change today.