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Last week my husband and I went in for our dating ultrasound. During the ultrasound, they measure the amniotic sac and the baby to verify how far along you are and give you a precise due date. They prefer not to go just by the last menstrual period date. Also no one really knows when you ovulated, so it gives the doctors an accurate time frame. The technician that did the ultrasound also explained how important the date is, because most women need some medical treatment or testing through their pregnancy. The doctor wants to make sure they are not doing it too early or too late.

Good Gracious!

Here’s a list of the celebrities who took the time to send personal thank-you notes this April for their BopStarBaby Celebrity Baskets:

  • Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show), who received a BabyMakes3 basket in January ΄09.
  • Deborah Cox (singer), who received a BabyMakes3 basket in March ΄09.
  • Nicole Pantenburg & Kenny “BabyFace” Edmonds, who received a BabyMakes3 basket in November ΄08.
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The CPSC has just released a 28 page PDF document to help sellers of used children’s products understand the CPSIA and existing regulations:

CPSC Handbook for Resale Stores and Product Resellers

While it’s directed at the sale of used products, it certainly contains more “digestible” information on the CPSIA then most of government publications. Smile

My husband and I decided we should tell his parents I am pregnant. I wanted to wait until Mother’s Day, but my husband thought they would enjoy it more if we told them first, without other family members prior to Mother’s Day.

Polar Mountain”

I am so excited to be getting my art into Hong Kong! Linea Negra Maternity is the name of the store. They sell high end maternity clothes and for baby as well. They have recently been adding other products to the store and I’m so happy to be one of them. The pictures above are a few of what they purchased. The shipment is ready and going today…well, it’s been ready and finally UPS is picking it up today.

On to the next and off to paint
- Marnie V.

February 2009, Nashville, TN: After spending 22 years in entertainment PR, BopStarBaby founder MaryLenore Arsenault knew the power - and profitability - of fame. Seeing the legions of new celebrity parents filling the tabloids, she realized that their babies would be ideal models for luxury baby products, and launched BopStarBaby in the spring of 2006.

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The Children’s Show at Deerfield - Deerfield, Illinois (3/28/09 - 3/31/09)

The March 28-31, 2009 Deerfield Children’s Show reported a significant increase in sales and attendance over the March 2008 show.

Buyers from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin attended this growing regional children’s show located just north of Chicago, IL.

Show management is ecstatic with the growth of the show. Buyers are thrilled with the depth of price points and brands offered for boutiques and stores specializing in gift, toys, clothes, maternity, infant, juvenile or “green” merchandise.

Like most pregnant woman I have morning sickness. Also known as ALL day sickness. I’ve been lucky enough that I have not thrown up, but I still feel queasy and nauseous most of the day. I’ve read in one of my pregnancy books it is due to hormone changes. I’ve looked on the Internet for various cures/suggestions to help ease the nausea. I found a few suggestions — ginger and peppermint seem to be the most prominent helpers.

I recently found out I am pregnant! Yeah! I’m so excited. I decided to tell my boss and coworkers, since I will be going to many appointments in the next few weeks. One of my coworkers had gotten a daily baby pregnancy calendar at a tradeshow. She said she wasn’t too sure about it. She had read the first few weeks and they were pretty interesting. So she brought me the calendar the next day. It is called- Countdown to My Birth. It’s a nice flippy calendar, so you can put it on a desk and read daily about what your baby is doing.

Good Gracious!

Here’s a list of the celebrities who took the time to send personal thank-you notes this March for their BopStarBaby Celebrity Baskets:

  • Tim Allen (Home Improvement; Toy Story) & Jane Hajduk, who received a Baby2Be basket in January ‘09.
  • Tricia O’Kelley (The New Adventures of Old Christine), who received a BabyMakes3 basket in September ’08.
  • Michele Hicks (The Shield) & Johnny Lee Miller (Eli Stone), who received a BabyMakes3 basket in January ’09.
  • Jason Priestley, who received a Holiday basket in December ’08.
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Good Gracious!

Here’s a list of the celebrities who took the time to send personal thank-you notes this February for their BopStarBaby Celebrity Baskets:

  • Kevin & Christine Costner, who received a Baby2Be basket in October ’08. Their lovely note arrived the very same week their BabyMakes3 baskets were being shipped!

  • Alyson Hanigan (How I Met Your Mother/Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who received a Baby2Be basket in October ’08.

    Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827

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Toys from milk jugs. Furniture out of rubber trees. Sweet deals from Maple trees. It’s organic to want only the best for babies. The Giggle Guide™ shines a natural spotlight on new eco-correct products from Plan Toys, Green Toys, Maple Landmark Woodcraft and Cotton Monkey. Presto chango, Green is the color of change today.