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Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s mind is on many things; the health and well being of her baby being at the top of the list. There are also the matters of work, daily errands, and possibly caring for her other children to keep her busy and preoccupied. When it comes to clothing, most moms-to-be just want easy, grab-and-go choices that are comfortable yet stylish. Nowadays, baby bumps are celebrated, and maternity fashions are all about highlighting them in a classy, positive way.Flattering a pregnant woman’s body is all about attention to shape and design, and Lilac, a Utah-based maternity clothing designer, understands the value of both.

Attending a panel discussion presented about how retailers can better work with bloggers and social media outlets, I remembered Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote from my college days: “The medium is the message.” He meant something about the medium influencing, and thus becoming part of, how the message is perceived. It kinda confused me then, just as I realized after the Q&A session that there is a lot of confusion about the ever-changing online media called “social.” Some retailers remained puzzled as to why anyone would be interested in what moms say about their families. One reason they should care is because many of these messages are influencing buying decisions and helping to build brands.

Spring into summer with two new prints from Bebe au Lait - Flora & Fontaine!

Flora is a delicate and feminine combination of floral elements and flowing motifs, Flora blooms in shades of cream, peach and olive. And Fontaine is inspired by rolling waves, Fontaine is soothing with subtle tones of powder blue and pearled ivory.

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According to the American Academy of Dermatology, millions of people suffer from sensitive skin issues. Kids are especially vulnerable to their environment. Unfortunately, products or medicines designed to treat a health issue can become a problem on their own. While no one can dispute the wonders of modern medicine, families are always on the lookout for products that are natural and have been proven to be safe. Companies like Canus are delivering quality products that every member of the family can feel good about using.

When you’re young, you are vaguely aware of the strong influences binding your family together. When you get older, you understand the vital role each family member plays. As the definitions of family change and evolve in modern society, the ties that bind families together remain strong. What family wouldn’t want to boast about its bonds? Companies like Hip Together are filling a need to promote the love and strength that exists in the bonds of family relationships.

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A special Mother’s Day gift from JP Lizzy: Enjoy 15% off your order from May 1st - May 8th when you order 6 or more bags. Enjoy!

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SwaddleDesigns new LUSH Collections include our superior marquisette bankets, burp sets and SwaddleLite trio collections.

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Every year on April 22, more than one billion people take part in celebrating Earth Day. Across the globe, individuals, communities, organizations, and governments acknowledge our planet and take action to protect it. Earth Day gets many thinking about their carbon footprint, and no footprint seems bigger than clothing, shoes and beauty products. Upcycled fashion goes upscale with Kallio, where vintage clothing is collected and repurposed into chic children’s clothing; better beauty is a matter of herbs and essential oils at Matter Company; Bento licenses the newest in ecowear with Carta Vetrata; and Oh Baby! provides oh-so-sweet organic cotton outfits and accessories for kids of all ages.

Display Tips

With Spring in the air, it’s time to have a little fun. Get creative and give your window or in-store displays a makeover!

Try a new theme. Check out this retail spotlight!
We love Urba Baby’s Chicago Cubs set-up with a Snack Happens™ Reusable Snack & Everything Bag. They did such a great job pulling together a variety of products and brands to make one interesting and engaging display.

Get inspired and use Itzy Ritzy products to tie together other themes to make an on-trend and fresh display statement:

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Bébé au Lait is offering a Spring Nursing Cover Bundle promotion for wholesale customers. If you’re an existing retailer, contact your sales representative for more information. If you’re a new retailer, please e-mail Barbara Fiorentino at or call 408-356-7850 for details.

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Whether “it’s a girl!”, “it’s a boy”, or “it’s a surprise!”, Itzy Ritzy has everything your customers need to give the perfect baby shower present.

Check out these selling points below to help guide customers into choosing the best gifts from your store.

Wrap & Roll™ Infant Carrier Arm Pad & Tummy Time Mat

Selling Points:

  • With the plush arm cushioning and the super-soft minky mat, it’s like gifting two presents in one!
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Hair accessories are items that many consumers seem to take for granted; they are available in discount stores and there seems to be a nearly endless array of possibilities. However, many parents of little girls will tell you that while hair embellishments might be abundant, they are not always high quality. Over the years, some companies have tried to address the problem and have begun to offer higher-quality accessories that are also trendy and cute. Wee Ones is one of the leaders. This well-respected company provides a wide range of hair bows, clips, and bands, available in a variety of colors and styles.