Spring into Baby Shower Season!

Whether “it’s a girl!”, “it’s a boy”, or “it’s a surprise!”, Itzy Ritzy has everything your customers need to give the perfect baby shower present.

Check out these selling points below to help guide customers into choosing the best gifts from your store.

Wrap & Roll™ Infant Carrier Arm Pad & Tummy Time Mat

Selling Points:

  • With the plush arm cushioning and the super-soft minky mat, it’s like gifting two presents in one!
  • Available in gorgeous gender neutrals like green Avocado Damask and black and white Moroccan Nights. Perfect when customers don’t want - - to go traditional blue and pink, or if the gender is a surprise.
  • Coordinate a gift basket with friends or family and get mom-to-be the matching Baby Ritzy Rider™ Infant Car Seat Cover.
  • See all fabrics here. http://www.itzyritzystore.com/store/categories/wrap-and-roll-infant-carr…

Peek a Boo Pod™ Infant Carrier Pod

Selling Points:

  • Easily keeps the bright Spring sun and breeze off baby
  • A must have preemie item to provide protection from germs and adoring fans
  • New parents will be grateful for this serene nook when baby needs a little nap-time privacy while out
  • Stays put with elastic, unlike blankets that can slip and slide off
  • See all fabrics here. http://www.itzyritzystore.com/store/categories/peek-a-boo-pod-infant-car…

Travel Happens™ Sealed Wet Bags

Selling Points:

  • A functional and fashionable gift for use with cloth diapers or regular diapers
  • Parents can tuck an extra onesie, diapers and wipes inside because accidents happen!
  • Machine washable for stress-free cleaning
  • This product grows with baby and is great for parents too! Use it for wet swim suits, toiletries and more.
  • See all fabrics here. http://www.itzyritzystore.com/store/categories/childrens-wet-bags.htm

Is your store missing any of these baby shower must-haves?
Be sure you’re fully stocked.

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