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If you’re a manufacturer, then you will definitely want to get a copy of this winning recipe! The ingredients: product, pricing, packaging, positioning, place, promotion and people. Directions: Mix together in a way that’s unique to you and most meaningful to the marketplace. Results: A thriving business that chooses to employ a successful recipe, commonly referred to as the “marketing mix.”

The All Baby and Child Spring Conference, to be held May 3-5 in Louisville, Kentucky, will feature speakers whose expertise, creativity, and experience can help retailers and others in the children’s industry grow and strengthen their companies. The conference has a full schedule of speakers, and each addresses a different aspect of business, from marketing and practical retail tips, to communicating and growing sales in the digital era.

Knowledge is the new gold standard. In a market place cluttered with countless competitors vying for a finite amount of sales, you need to be innovative to have your business stand out. To do so, you’ll want to understand how and what can be done to rise above the competition. Lack of time, money or understanding are among the most common reasons companies forgo market research. Without breaking the bank, companies can conduct market research activities gaining insights from key stakeholders such as customers or retailers.

Starting a business is like setting out on a journey. To get to your destination you will need a road map, otherwise known as a business plan. It’s reported that up to ninety-five percent of new businesses fail within the first five years. One of the the primary reasons contributing to their failure is lack of planning. Whether it’s a need for business understanding, just trying to navigate the world as a new entrepreneur or simply a lack of time, many business owners set out to develop their new venture without a proper business plan.

Is your business ‘Social’ enough?

A 32-year veteran of AmericasMart in Atlanta, Larry Lucas, of Larry Lucas Inc., knows firsthand the multitude of challenges store owners face. He recently presented a decidedly informative Retail Management seminar at the Atlanta Gift Show in which he highlighted the “must knows” and “must haves” to survive in the gift boutique business in today’s economy and beyond. The Giggle Guide® is happy to share some insightful highlights from Larry Lucas’ excellent seminar.

The Consumer Electronics Show was just held in Las Vegas, and sometimes you can get a feel for the economy and markets in general from this show, as it is the first big tradeshow of the year.

GOOD NEWS! Attendance was up at the CES over 2009. This bodes well for the economy, as it may just be that consumers are finally starting to feel a little more positive.

Deciding where to spend my advertising dollars used to be so simple. Print or more print? In fact, back in the day (sometime around the Cretaceous period), I worked with three national print publications and called it a day. My phone rang off the hook. I was living in La-La land and didn’t even know it.

New restrictions from the CPSC passed last year with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act have caused confusion and controversy in the children’s industry. While many agree and gladly comply with stricter lead and testing requirements, the broad language in the legislation could put small operations in a tight spot.

Recently CPSIA has turned its attention to resellers in the children’s industry including consignment stores and garage sales.

New Fair to Run Concurrently with Gift & Home Textiles Market Week®

7 W New York continues to be “business central” for the best markets and fairs in NYC. In order to continue to deliver more value to its buyers and showrooms, the building is pleased to announce its latest initiative. This January will be the launch of the first NYC BABY & KIDS FAIR, which will take place on the 11th floor during three days of the 7 W Gift and Home Textiles Market (January 30 - February 1, 2010). Exhibitors will display baby and kids apparel, accessories, furnishings, gifts and textiles to a robust audience of buyers from across the country.

New York International Gift Fair - New York City, New York (8/15/09 - 8/20/09)

The 157th NY International Gift Fair (NYIGF) was a cut above, featuring talented artists and gift stores with truly unique and creative pieces. The Giggle Guide has tracked down some of the most talented artists and gift designers around: Zolo, Tatutina, Tyrell Katz, Tiny Tillia, Quiggles Kidswear and Fidoodle Inc.

ABC has been the alpha-buzz at children’s apparel and gift shows over the last few years. There is interest, anticipation and a little mystery among children’s apparel manufacturers about the ABC Kids Expo, September 13 – 16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. ( I get asked more questions about the ABC Show than any other. Since JPMA discontinued its trade show a couple years ago, the ABC Kids Expo is currently the only national trade event designed especially for the juvenile products industry.