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Vegas Kids - World Market Center - Las Vegas, Nevada (8/2/10 - 8/6/10)

New Streamlined Online Registration Allows for Quick and Efficient Experience

With Las Vegas room rates at incredible lows, plus affordable travel options and great values on dining and entertainment, Las Vegas Market is the best buying trip for your money this year. And with a recently launched redesign of World Market Center’s portfolio of show websites, there’s a new home in cyberspace for the wide-ranging resources available for those attending Las Vegas Market™, **Gift+Home™ and Vegas Kids™. Planning tools for the August Market’s are conveniently found online at, or where attendees can pre-register, book hotel accommodations and access a number of helpful resources.

If you’re a manufacturer, then you will definitely want to get a copy of this winning recipe! The ingredients: product, pricing, packaging, positioning, place, promotion and people. Directions: Mix together in a way that’s unique to you and most meaningful to the marketplace. Results: A thriving business that chooses to employ a successful recipe, commonly referred to as the “marketing mix.”

The All Baby and Child Spring Conference, to be held May 3-5 in Louisville, Kentucky, will feature speakers whose expertise, creativity, and experience can help retailers and others in the children’s industry grow and strengthen their companies. The conference has a full schedule of speakers, and each addresses a different aspect of business, from marketing and practical retail tips, to communicating and growing sales in the digital era.

I enjoy many valued business relationships with children’s apparel sales reps, and Sandra Martinez is one of the pros that I have known the longest, and count as one of the very best in the business. For years Sandra has been the owner of In Play Showroom at The California Market Center in Los Angeles, but I first met her when she was in sales and marketing at American Apparel. We clicked right away.

We’re currently gearing up for our Spring 2011 line! What colors and prints would you like to see? More animal prints? Funky designs? Something simple and casual? Now’s your chance to tell us! come check us out!

Knowledge is the new gold standard. In a market place cluttered with countless competitors vying for a finite amount of sales, you need to be innovative to have your business stand out. To do so, you’ll want to understand how and what can be done to rise above the competition. Lack of time, money or understanding are among the most common reasons companies forgo market research. Without breaking the bank, companies can conduct market research activities gaining insights from key stakeholders such as customers or retailers.

Be apart of The Chicago Market’s fasting growing kids section where fun, function, fashion and accessories cover newborns through teens.
Industry research has proven that buyers are shopping closer and closer to home. It’s so important to have a presence in Chicago because our buyer base pulls from the 15 core Midwest states - that’s over 100,000 people! Does your product have a presence in the Midwest?
Did you know.

  • 80% of our buyers ONLY shop Chicago
    89% of our buyers place orders at or after Market
Contact: Stacey Barrett / (312) 527-7953

Thank you for your support as we raised money for Layla Grace’s Medical bills and awareness for Neuroblastoma. To say thank you we are offering Free Shipping on our website for today only! Enter code FC310 at checkout to receive your free shipping.

Also please checkout our Facebook, we are releasing pictures of our new products due out in May and would love the feedback!

Starting a business is like setting out on a journey. To get to your destination you will need a road map, otherwise known as a business plan. It’s reported that up to ninety-five percent of new businesses fail within the first five years. One of the the primary reasons contributing to their failure is lack of planning. Whether it’s a need for business understanding, just trying to navigate the world as a new entrepreneur or simply a lack of time, many business owners set out to develop their new venture without a proper business plan.

ENK Children’s Club at Javits Center in NYC opened Sunday and continues through March 9th. This event is the largest children’s apparel show featuring Fall 2010 collections, as well as some immediate-buy specials for this spring and summer. Before the red carpets are pulled up for another season, check out these fantastic brands at Children’s Club: Kicokids, Honeyami, Ideo and No Added Sugar.

Stan’s The Man at ENK! If you’ve ever attended the ENK Children’s Club in NYC, you probably know Stanley Kaye. The first time I attended ENK, Stanley was at the entrance, greeting everyone. With that first warm welcome, we became business friends. Stanley reminds me of a gracious host at a huge dinner party. He knows everybody, and wants each person to enjoy themselves and mingle both with new and old faces. He wants the occasion to be worthwhile and memorable, something people will talk about and want to come back to again and again.

Is your business ‘Social’ enough?